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H.U.D. - Windowed mode resize issue (no WinEQ or ISBoxer)

Mar 19, 2019
I have a 1680 x 1050 monitor and launch my toons with MQ2Autologin. This is generally a great option as I tend to launch individuals, or sub groups, or all sorts of combinations that I would otherwise have to alter a script to do (for example using a batch or powers hell file).

My one gripe, though, is that when I tab away from my main toon to look at a browser (e.g. this site, or eqresource etc), when I come back the "main chat window" seems to raise by about 50 pixels, which skews everything (mainly target and HoTT. Now it's not a show stopper, but it's a repetitive task to keep correcting it (normally I have to "maximise" the EQ window and fiddle with the main chat window). Does anyone else experience this, or have a fix? It seems a bit OTT to shell out for ISBoxer just for this issue.


Active member
Apr 22, 2019
Yeah, i have a similar issue with my group window (and the add-in buttons, like "Come to Me"). That window opens up squished on the bottom such that the buttons are over the top of the experience bar. In my case, I think its the UI I am using. Sparxx. Either way, every time I launch my toons, I have to resize it on all six. Mildly annoying. I think I could edit the UI XML file; but I don't know for sure. (never messed with them before)


Have played EQ without Innerspace for years but does alt + enter not work? My guess, based on absolutely nothing, is it’s confused about weather to run in full screen or windowed mode. I bring up Innerspace because full screen there does not me full screen in Windows. Alt + Enter is the universal shortcut for full screen/window toggle.