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Question - Why is MQ2Cursor so picky about when it works? (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2017
I am doing blacksmithing with an item that does not stack. Inventory is full due to a lack of bags. I tried using mq2cursor to destroy the item as made but it won't do it. This is classic mq2cursor. Some times it works, some times it does not. Any idea why?
Jan 31, 2014
What is not listed in the wiki is MQ2Cursor will stop when certain windows are open.


just to name a few off the top of my head.

Someone ought to either look into the code to see specifically which, or do a little trial and error to create a list, and add it to the wiki.

I updated the plugin description here with the relative information and put a link to the main wiki description.
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