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Question - why do u charge for launcher ? (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
why do you charge for launcher if u have a free version makes no sence??
lvl 2 allows you access to all of the things that lvl 2 comes with - including the launcher, which can download and manage various resources and utilities as well as access to our lvl 2 section for support and resources.

RedGuides is all about the community, it is pretty easy to be a lvl 2 member just by being a part of the community.

:rc A Redcent is the currency of our community. You can trade them in for Level 2 access, Krono, and more. Learn about them here:

if you hate all of those things - you can either self-compile MQ straight from MQ source, or the "redguide's flavor" of Open Vanilla.

If you want the launcher to help manage stuff, and access the "private" level 2 resources and conversations, then you'll want to be a level 2 member.
Aug 19, 2020
The community and resources here are invaluable, not to mention the troubleshooting and extremely helpful members of the community, @Sic has helped me out before with my absolute numpty questions I've had, I'm no coder and without this site I would not be able to experience the things that RedGuides has helped me too, it's truly an incredible place.
Apr 14, 2020
why do you charge for launcher if u have a free version makes no sence??
Hi Chas,

I've RedCented your initial post, which, if I understand the situation correctly, gives you ten RedCents. You need fifty for a month of level 2. Once you're level 2, you can RedCent 4 posts per day, giving the recipient 10c and earning yourself 1c each time. Once you're in, if you stay engaged and active in the community, it's trivially easy to earn at LEAST 50 RedCents per month to maintain your Level 2 status (I think I've earned over 100 in the last week alone).

Perhaps others will RC your post and then you can try out Level 2 and see if this community's a good fit for you.

Welcome! I've found this to be a really nice little corner of the internet.
Apr 30, 2020
Yeah I feel like I'm hardly involved here but think I only paid for a month once or twice early on (after someone was kind enough to gift me my first month too), then just visit the boards a couple times a week and participate the same way I would anyway.
Aug 12, 2018
You will notice that you now have 50 Red Cents so you can click on the RedCents up the top and go to the store and "buy" your level 2. This gets you the free stuff. So it really is free.

Level 2 will also allow you to give others RedCents if you find their posts helpful, funny, educational etc. You can also post helpful, educational etc posts and earn Red Cents. Then when you see you have earned 50 again then you can go "buy" another month.

I believe the Red Cents option is here to encourage interaction with the community. Sure there would still be posts and comments but the fact we can do this and earn Red Cents helps encourage us to post much more than otherwise.
Aug 15, 2020
for me it won't break the bank and being a person in the IT Industry I know servers, certificate's, domain names, internet access, and peoples time to administer the site all costs money, they help me enjoy so I have no problem paying for their services.. I've purchased all of CTWN plugins and only use a few.. but I support them because I appreciate all of their hard work.

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