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Funny - Which one of you is this??? (1 Viewer)

Oct 5, 2020
It’s probably 24. 18 in the pic and 6 more off screen, who needs a guild when you have 24 raiders at your beck and call?
Tsk tsk you think to small. There is a mouse and keyboard for every 3 screens. I would put a minimum of 2 toons per screen so each set up is a full group. We got a possible full 48 toons right there.
Jan 20, 2013
hes obviously not a pro. Input director will let you use 1 mouse/keyboard for every PC/Screen shrugs. All my PCs are in the garage where its 10-15 degrees colder. I Just run an HDMI cable for each monitor and a USB cable for my main PCs keyboard/mouse to where my desk is all you see with my setup is the monitors and 1 keyboard/mouse and a USB hub.

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