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Question - Where DON'T you go as a boxed group? (1 Viewer)

Apr 19, 2024
Hey all,

I have enjoyed a lot of content boxing on a Live server since I found Red Guides a month or so ago - a full group and off I went seeing and doing.

But, I have found using Lua Mercs that my group can be almost impossible to maneouver, which is fine in open areas but in tight places with drop-off's, mobs with close aggro (Sebilis) etc, can be frought with danger and many deaths and frustrations.

So, as the subject heading suggests, are there places you wont take your boxed team due to the environmental dangers or close-aggro'ing mobs etc

Contrary to the above, are there tactics/mods that you use to combat this issue or to minimise the impact?

Cheers in advance.
Dont go under water!!!

Everything else is mesh dependant and for the most part the mesh's are pretty good.

Oh there are exceptions - like in Veeshan's Peak they have little bridges that screw you up. But 99% of places are ok.

Is your group leader is set to MA, and everyone else in chase mode.
Is your chase distance set to about 15?

Shrink is also good, and double invis.
No issues underwater with rgl here I've noticed. I do try to stay far down if there is a plane on the surface (eg ice, a walkway). Ofc moving out at some spots can occasionally be irksome but most of these (and other issues) just end up being minor mesh or height issues (ie, limitations all automation and nav occasionally face).

To the OP, yes, I remember some frustrations with catwalks, ledges, and the like, but remember you can adjust chase distance, force a leash with follow temporarily, or adjust stick settings (which are the largest culprit in my experience).
Just changing stickhow to something like "75% loose uw" in certain areas helps immensely with how much the toons wanna jiggle. It is now my default tbh, because it minimizes casters wiggling instead of casting when melee is on.

I do have some hotkeys setup for a couple of different chase distances and sticks, "/rgl set show" can teach you a lot about options and using macros to change between settings is effortless once you set them up.

Also learning when to hit my followme button rather than relying on chase (when you are jumping off cliffs or bridges mostly) has made a big difference in whether my dudes float down casually behind the driver or run an 8 mile detour to get to him.
The Caverns of Endless Song. That place is a nightmare for chase and mesh problems. Otherwise I'll take my RGMerc just about anywhere without major issue, but will sometimes find that pausing the macro/Lua/plugin and just using plain old /afollow can be more effective when they won't cross certain areas or go in certain doors.
New CC isnt bad at all imo.. about the same as Firefall.. Caverns of Endless Song do suck a big one.

Hate doing Caverns without a mage..... usually do all the running with it and just summon group.

I did find though that if I am actively turning "follow" on and off when entering and exiting water and around trees and such, I have had more success keeping group from taking odd paths.
Cobalt Scar in COV is trash. Absolutely hate the run to WW
I use nav for that one, some toons get hung up on a wall for a few seconds, but whatever (who am I kidding, I use nav for all of them).

Funny story when I came back to the game I spent almost an hour trying to get to the Necropolis in oldworld when doing bard epic because of Siren's. Was a nice reintroduction to EQ. I could only imagine if I had been trying to drag a group along. Issues like that no longer plague me XD.
Question - Where DON'T you go as a boxed group?

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