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Question - where do I get mqnext if I wanted to check that out? (1 Viewer)

Nov 11, 2021
Hello Folks,

I keep seeing mention of MQNext yet its not in the launcher and from what i can tell I would have to download the source code and compile myself. Sic's video of MQnext shows that its in the launcher, so im wondering if i did something wrong or if something has changed since that video was put out?

Jun 12, 2015
The devs for mq2 split up, and one group proceeded working on mq next and the otther on some other variety based on the old mq2

MQ Next was the working name for the group that worked on it, and eventually it became stable enough to be fully released and was just named MQ, if you are using the redguides launcher you are using it, and even on emu its now used.

Currently redguides is using MQ for live, test and emu, and the other version that was a continuation of mq2 is no longer around these parts, where its gone only the void knows, and its not very good compare to the current mq anyways

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