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Question - where do i donate for the early release ? (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
I tried to donate using paypal but too many details to cover, why cant you gents just make simple like before? :(:confused:
because paypal sucks and is difficult to work with - you want paypal to steal your money from the people you're trying to give it to? because that happened to a few people in the mq world over the past couple of years
Jul 13, 2019
paypal has a number of issues and overall has a bad record not just with this community but with almost any community. i had a friend who purchased items via paypal from a vender. paypal waited 3 days then auto canceled and refused to return the payment to the vender even with my friend sending them multiple messages. they would just clamed you wanted it canceled. both parties lost money except paypal who retained a fee from the vender. this happens often enough that many have dropped using paypal.

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