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Discussion - What is your biggest achievement in Everquest? (1 Viewer)


Aka Ruby Rose ❤️
May 30, 2017
Personally for me working on the Trade-skills needed for Maxing the Artisan's Prize. You need over 420 skill-ups OVER 300 Cap or 200 CAP [Fishing] of a potential 450 skill-ups in all 9 General Trade-skills: (Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Fishing, Fletching, Jewelry Making, Pottery, Research, and Tailoring).
My personal plan is to get... Baking 350, Blacksmithing 350, Brewing 350, Fishing 250, Fletching 350, Jewelry Making 350, Pottery 350, Research 350, and Tailoring 320. To acquire the maxed Artisan's Prize.

What about you?

Linku aka Ruby Rose <3


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Learner of Many Things
Apr 15, 2019
Definitely the 350 tradeskill, but I remember doing the underfoot shawl questline, that was awesome being one of few at the time with it

Another would be maxing out all achiements in an expansion. I think it was House of Thule. Me and some guildies were all over the achievements, back when they were simpler. Getting the bunny illusion(?) Was definitely a status on raids, unless I'm crossing my rewards and expansions
May 14, 2020
When I got my Wiz 1.0 epic back in the day I felt that was huge. Hardest part for me iirc was getting the oil from broken golem in fear, think I got it on an open pick up raid.

I only got my epic 2.0 on that character very recently, 15 years later lol, god the wiz epic 2.0 is such trash haha, not sure if I've even cast it in a fight
Jan 20, 2019
My DE Necro was the 1st to max all available TS skills 200 and 250 on my original server! I couldn't do it for 300, non-rangers (or was it racial?) couldn't get past 288 in fletching. back then, it was quite the task!
Jul 9, 2018
Live? AP (flagging & quests), then max 350 all TS. Getting to 300 is easy because most of the TS can be brute-forced with plat or a few hours of farming 1 zone per TS or a few different zones if you're leveling trophies.

Old school (EQ/Kun/Vel)? Epics felt like an awesome achievement and really stood out with the lack of particle effects anywhere else.
Sep 24, 2016
So many awesome and fun milestones going back over the years. But my first raid toon was a rogue (before they found out I had a cleric) and he collected illusion masks. Some people in the guild didnt actually know which race I was some days. But when I completed the high elf illusion mask with some friends at level for the content. I was one of the few guys that had it back then.
Mar 24, 2018
For me it was all about doing fun dangerous solo things that only a Necro could pull off. The modern game is so balanced but back in the day a Necro could do some valuable group content. I was determined to kill the Ghoul Lord and Arch Magus at level 50 and managed to do it eventually. With Kunark the lazy Necros would just fear kite all day in Skyfire but you could use charm undead on the balcony in Karnor and get amazing exp, but it's a lot harder and more dangerous. The best challenge of all was soloing the entrance to Howling Stones/Charasis which was a Mission Impossible style break in, floating down with DMF, then you have to feign from 2-3 mobs, and one has harm touch. Then you charm one and try to take the room. And if it goes wrong you can jump off the side and use Gate to escape before you float down to the bottom level.

I also loved one of the epics doing it in era. I did a few others too but they weren't as fun and mostly just required guild help. But the SK epic I loved because The Hole is a great zone and I could do a lot of it myself. Some of the fights I could do with a few guildmates, I think only a few raid steps. So I felt like I earned it. Getting the 2.0 was a good challenge in that era too. I enjoyed all those trials in MPG.

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