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Question - What is the best way to initialize a variable when logging in? (1 Viewer)

Aug 25, 2015
I want to define a couple of global variables as soon as my character logs in. I tried using MQ2Events with a “Welcome to EverQuest!” trigger but for some reason that is not working properly.

I can probably accomplish this with some sort of MQ2React condition that checks something silly that will always be true, but that feels dirty.

Is there a recommended way to define custom variables when you login?
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For starters we need to know what you're using to code these variables.

People will be able to better assist you with all the information needed.
For example, I could tell you that you could achieve this with a plugin using the gamestate and any number of the built in exported functions used for creating a plugin. But if you're writing stuff in lua someone else would likely be able to better assist you. If you're using a macro I could tell you to try lua or a plugin instead because while macros work, it's just not a real language and you'd be doing yourself a bit of a disservice starting with them as a learning tool when lua is available.

Likely you'll be able to achieve it with a .cfg file. https://docs.macroquest.org/main/features/cfg-files/?h=cfg

But honestly it depends on what your goal is making the variable.
I am using two variables to store Boolean values that will be set by triggers in MQ2Events and read by triggers in MQ2React.

I have everything working as intended with the exception of initializing the variables.

It looks like the CFG files you linked to are probably the way to go. I will experiment with that. Thanks.
Question - What is the best way to initialize a variable when logging in?

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