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Problem - What is allowed on Coirnav? I see MySEQ, but there isn't a lot of information - Help (1 Viewer)


New member
Sep 25, 2016
So I just purchased level two access and was curious what MySEQ actually did for me and if it was worth risking a ban using it on the Coirnav server. What other mods are allowed on Coirnav that would be helpful for a cleric? The signup for KISS Assist was sort of cryptic in the sense that I thought I could use the full program or a vanilla version of it on Coirnav before I purchased access only to find out this wasn't the case. Please let me know, thanks!


Oct 15, 2004
hey wtfm8s Very Vanilla/MQ2 doesn't actually work on Coirnav. We don't offer much for coirnav, agnarr or phinigel at the moment.

You can stick around for MySEQ and the various scripts and strategies in the progression forum, or you can pm me for a refund.
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