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Question - What do you pre-cast for burns? (1 Viewer)

May 24, 2019
For situations like Zlandicar when your group is going to burn hard but you are free to pre-buff with anything you want.

There's some obvious things like shaman/bard epic
What else do you precast?


Its in that place where I put that thing that time
Jun 20, 2017
glyphs for sure if you have them up

dragon glyph will last longer then the fight so you have all sorts of time to pre-buff that one
power glyph for the dps

after that - PoW clickies - circle of power and of life ones if you have them
Dec 21, 2020
I log on my bst and hit them with his 29 min super buff. I add in runes etc. from my enchanter so that initial burst doesn't kick my ass. I do some agro debuff on heals and dps from ranger. any attack stuff. Sometimes i drop nights dark on a cpl guys if i am feeling frisky. Toss in ranger/mage ds for kicks. so many options. ( or at least i used to do this heh. havent killed zland in a bit. ) there are so many options available now. from aas, to glyphs, clickies etc etc etc. If it lasts long enough and u have time and need, do it, thats my motto. U can also enhance this by having your port set at what's his face and doing all your pre-buffs in pok or a like minded zone. ( Fellowship can also be real nice for this )

All the Best and a pre Happy 4th incase Im not on tomorrow

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