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Question - Weapon for my zerker? (1 Viewer)

Oct 12, 2019
yep ill just have to wait till one is up for sale in bazaar only great axe for sale atm ty, leveling up a 3rd berserker using cwtn plugin i hope that alliance will trigger no problem once i get this last berserker up in level and geared properly im also running a beast.
Apr 30, 2019
On my ftp I am making this comparison. Same gear just the weapon differs as I am too lazy to camp another 36 delay
So one has 36 delay other has the 32 delay CoV nonprestige. Difference between the 2 is 20k in favor of the 36 delay


WoW was the first MMO
Jul 22, 2018
Never do the 2HS

The correct choice is between 2HB or 2HP. 2HB parses better with full adps including HHE buffs. 2HP would edge out the 2HB during non-burns or when you have little adps support. Most raid zerks go 2HB because we get the full support of the best adps from the raid.

For group content, it doesn't matter because that stuff is usually so easy the slight difference in parse is not make or break in that situation. Understand, we're talking about a very small difference here.

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