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Question - way to mark items for sell

Apr 3, 2019
Is there a good macro to mark items for sell.
I use the sellstuff macro, but I am curious if there is a way to mark everything that is not useful.

I was thinking that I wanted to sell stuff if it is not one of
tradeskill item
armor, weapons

Maybe someone would care about collectables, and quest items.

I was just curious if this already exists?
Apr 3, 2019
Yeah it's MQ2AutoLoot
Thanks QuestKeep=0 and /AutoLoot nodropdefault ignore will be a lifesaver.
I did not know about those options.

Will this option keep or ignore gear / augments that are no drop?
Is there a way to ignore no drop quest items, but keep any armor that is no drop and relevant for your class?

"/AutoLoot nodropdefault ignore "


Active member
Sep 23, 2015

This is a great plugin, a real time saver for boxers. I followed some suggestions that are in the discussion part of the thread referenced above. Here is how I use it and some tips.

I have 5 hot buttons setup on my Master Looter. All I do then is to pick up the item on the cursor and press the appropriate button, great time saver rather than typing the command everytime lol.

1. SetQuest - this is so I can set the number of quest items on the fly by editing the # in the social. Different #'s for different quests. (/Setitem Quest|#)

2. SetDestroy - just what it says...sets the item to be destroyed from now on. (/SetItem Destroy)

3. SetKeep - keep this item. (/Setitem Keep)

4. SetSell - This sets the item in your ini file to be sold. (/Setitem Sell)

5. SellAll - this sells all the items in my inventory that has the "Sell" tag designated in the ini file. Best feature of all.

Here are some tips to make things run better. Snippets taken from other threads about this subject, with my comments included. Make sure you follow these basic rules.

1. Turn on advanced looting.
- Type: /advloot
- Click the Loot Settings Button on the Advanced Loot Window
- Select Use Advanced Looting
2. Load the plugin.
- Type: /plugin MQ2AutoLoot
3A. If your in a group set someone to be the master looter. If you don't the leader of the group will assign himself to be the master looter.
3B. If your in a raid set someone to be the master looter. If you don't the leader of the raid will act as the master looter.

4. In-game ensure your characters all are set like this...I found this to be VERY important to making this all work right.

5. Ensure the plugin is actually running by typing the command /autoloot turn on on each character. I use a "Start" macro to make sure everyone in my group starts autoloot and also AutoForage for those that have it.

6. Sort your LOOT.INI file by typing the command /autoloot sort and then open in a text editor and review the entries for the quest items, make sure there aren't duplicates or text corruption. Sure makes life easier for when your trying to find something in that ini file. You can also get the download Lootsort.exe from these forums. It works outside the game, for when your looking stuff up outside the game. Lootsort

I feel like the best 2 features of this plugin are the ability of your MLer to assign items to the other members of the group for quests or when his bags fill up (overflow looting lol) and the ability to walk up to a merchant, click on him and then sell all the junk in your bags with the push of one button. You can also do the same thing with the bank, but I haven't set that up yet.