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Question - VPN/remote access on a machine running EQ?

Dec 2, 2019
So my job has finally given the "work from home" order and it's the perfect time to have my party running in the background and filling out those AAs.

My issue is that I have seen a lot of posts on the EQ forums about bans being given out because people are playing EQ and open up a virtual machine and EQ detects this, and so on. I've seen a lot of confusion about whether it's just virtual machines, or whether VPNs are triggering this too. Or even if any of this is true at all!

VV is a risk on its own so I do everything I can to minimize DPG taking a look in my direction. Does anyone have any insight into whether using a VPN to remote into my work computer is going to trip anything and make DPG suspicious? I have a second PC but it doesn't have the firepower to support my entire group, even with MQ2EQWire
Mar 1, 2014
VPN shouldn't be causing any issues - I do have VPN connections up most of the time.
The only thing you will want to make sure though, is that only traffic directed towards the office is sent through the tunnel. Otherwise EQ traffic will go through there, too and THIS indeed could cause some troubles if darkpaw thinks you are moving locations.

Unfortunately to separate office-traffic from other traffic with different routing requires the VPN to be set up that way.
Jun 16, 2019
I think all of the drama surrounding virtual machines and vpns happened on true box servers only. As people were using them to get around the 1 box - 1 comp rules. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here
Jul 8, 2017
I have recently had newer accounts banned for simply logging into EQ on a virtual machine, without running any other programs. So I only use a physical computer and connect via chrome remote desktop if needed.
Nov 29, 2017
Can you use a remote client like TeamViewer? I used to use that while leaving some characters on on my workstation at work, I'd look in on them from home and lock my work screen so noone would see EQ running the next morning :P Its GREAT for regular remote Windows access, but only good (not great, small lag) within the game. I have had better response time in EQ with NoMachine, but NoMachine is not as good as TV for Windows access , TV can reboot Windows and boot into Safe mode and such.
May 17, 2015
You are asking....
"If I VPN to work while playing EQ on my PC, will DBG ban me because I have a VPN tunnel?"

I think the answer is no

The other question you are asking is
"If I run VM software on my PC with EQ NOT IN THE VM will I still get banned?"
I think the answer is no.... if you are running EQ INSIDE the VM then probably yes without precautions.