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Question - VP mount raids strategies (1 Viewer)

Nov 8, 2017
Anyone have some good strats for farming the events for the VP mount?

Ive done pickup raids for this. Pretty much the run through is just DPS but once you get to the 2 dragons you have to flip back and forth, while also have the front of both dragons turned facing the walls because of front AE's


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Jul 22, 2018
I don’t know. But, I would love to hear strats for this. Isn’t that mount a tick faster than bard speed?
negative. Selos is 85 velocity, this mount is 82 velocity. Still worth it for any non-bard but a bard will outpace the mount.

As for actual strats, TBH, your most difficult task will just be getting to the raid that drops this. The first 2 events in this raid instance are much tougher than the 3rd, go figure. While it *might* be possible to automate with the commonly available tools here, it would be no easy task and would require lots of practice and fine tuning to get it right. There are movement mechanics on both of the first events and the 2nd requires a good amount of multi-mob coordination to do it right. A high DPS raid group makes it much easier, but if you're going to go in with 3 or 4 groups, you will need to play the mechanics as you won't be high enough to bulldoze through this. 3-4 groups of live players who play the mechanics correctly won't have an issue, though.
Jul 10, 2018
Some tips
1. Spend some time cleaning up your mesh. There is a lotta running around and navigating around - getting hung up on the braziers, stupid little steps, and not-middling the doors is hella annoying. The luxe option is to have several mages to CoTH you around
2. It is a minimum 4 groups thing for us at the moment.
3. Event #1 Hoshkar needs a group up top. Drop pets and mount up (to avoid pushback)
4. Event #2. Silverwing and Xygoz are painful. Keep them apart and kill this adds. This is the crux of the raid. Burn hard
5. Don’t follow Talendor too closely when he’s jogging between locations (pause after the racnars and pull the hidey seeky drakes carefully until you reveal Talendor)
6. Cross your fingers for the Talendor trophy.
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