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Question - Veteran rewards question

Apr 3, 2019
So it's been over a month and a half since I've been able to actually play eq more than just logging in to claim db cash, due to r/l issues, and I logged in last night to do some bank sorting, since I could spare that much time. I went to hit the summon banker vet reward, and... I've lost the vet reward. In fact, I've lost a lot of vet rewards. On all my chars. I went from having 23 years on 1 of my chars to about 5 years.

Is that something I could petition? It's not like I paid for the accounts to be active for the whole time since I created them, so it probably just reflects the actual time I've been active, but it blows to have the complete set of vet rewards for years and then to have them removed.

Anyone else have this?
Mar 1, 2014
often times it is an issue with the account management system. but in such cases you usually go to 0 years /played.

in the past they did some recalculations of /played time every now and then and readjusted time to what it truly should be - maybe your 23 years were bogus?
If not: I would petition but prepare to have to re-open the ticket several times. They CAN fix stuff about /played and vetRewards - they often just don't want to.
Sep 8, 2019
Have had the same problem when running MQ2 have never seen the issue when launching from the patcher. Found a few posts on daybreaks forms all suggest running the patcher to fix the problem.