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Problem - trophy not evolving (1 Viewer)

May 8, 2019
My pottery trophy is at 5/7 96%. Pottery is at level 338 with trophy. I have been doing a combine with a 302 trivial and the percentage is not moving. I thought the trophy would continue to evolve with anything over a 300 trivial. Any suggestions or am I just mistaken?


May 5, 2016
that depends on your skill

Combines with a trivial of more than 100 points over your current skill will not count toward trophy evolution. For the purposes of evolving the tradeskill trophies, all combines with a trivial of higher then 350 are considered as 350. Once a trophy has reached level 6/7 (six of seven), you must have at least 300 (unmodified) skill to increase it any more.

The experience gained on a success is equal to the trivial of the combine up to 350. All 350+ combines give only 350 experience. Therefore, your trophy would evolve faster making 350 trivial combines than 301 but even at 301, it would eventually get there.

Experience Needed:
Baking - 350,000 (1000 350+ successes)
Brewing - 350,000 (1000 350+ successes)
Jewelcraft - 350,000 (1000 350+ successes)
Pottery - 350,000 (1000 350+ successes)
Smithing - 262,500 (750 350+ successes)
Tinkering - 262,500 (750 350+ successes)
Alchemy - 262,500 (750 350+ successes)
Poison Making - 262,500 (750 350+ successes)
Tailoring - 157,500 (450 350+ successes)
Fletching - 157,500 (450 350+ successes)
Research - 157,500 (450 350+ successes)
Oct 3, 2018
Yes, try higher trivial - I thought you had to make combines above your base skill. But anyway I usually go at least 50 above
Running into this issue. Yes the trivial must be higher than your base skill. JC< popular trophy leveling recipe is 302 trivial Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet - I was at 304 (because I bought some tradeskill AA) base skill, result was zero gains on trophy. So for folks who have let their skills climb past 300 - make sure you have a higher trivial then your base. A lot of mixed/bad info returned on searches. Mostly its a result of changes to tradeskills going past 300. It used to be any trivial above 300 would raise your trophy. Now it should be said "Any trivial above 300 + higher then your current base skill = trophy gain."

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