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Question - Transfering UI to toons on another computer (1 Viewer)

Mar 9, 2017
I normally grab anything in the EQ folder with my toon's name,but this EQ forum post has everything you want to copy:

I always copy my UI folder and Maps folder to begin with, if I have custom audio trigger sounds, I grab the Audio Triggers folder as well. Beyond that, I grab:
Then in Userdata folder, I grab AT_default_character_server.ini
Userdata also contains RE_Layout files (real estate layouts)
Jul 26, 2016
OK soooo...I had an epiphany on accident today I want to share about this post. Had a processor in one of my pc's decide it was just that time and my shit locked up. Went down and bought a built pc (with some sick specs I might add) and brought it home, dreading the thought of losing the UI's I had on the down puter and having to set them back up. So there I was, logging in the group on the new PC. I decided to log on a couple toons on the PC next to it to look at the UI's I had set up (I try to keep the hotkeys all the same, as well as everything else if possible which makes it easy for multi group runs) and realized I had logged the wrong group on the new computer. (I have dedicated PC's for each group). Logged them out, logged the correct group onto the new comp...manually set up painstakingly one of the toons so I could copy on the rest as a base to work with and low and behold...the other toons I logged in were in the copy layout! Ohhhh I was sooo stoked and relieved! Yes, alot of you wont get this post but ... made my day even better!

Apr 17, 2019
I had a computer take a dump on me, but I had used the backup/restore utility in the \release\utilities folder to back up my EQ files and when I restored on the new PC, everything was almost exactly how I had it on the old machine (I had made a few changes since I backed up). Since then, I run the backup utility after the RG update as part of my ritual on patch day to keep any changes I make updated. Keep in mind that the utility only backs up your EQ folder (UI, hot buttons, socials, etc), but doesn't back up anything MQ2 related.
Jul 17, 2019
You could use any cloud drive service, I use OneDrive because I have it through work anyways, and backup your character files there. Then I use that to download to the spare PC. I wrote a short powershell scrip that takes the character's name and server as input and uploads the files for me. Then I run the script again to download them to the other PC.

Also great way to copy UIs to other characters, just make copies of the character you want to replicate and change the name to the new character. Which reminds me, I should setup a "base" character UI files so I don't have to clear out the hotbars every time I start a new character. Just create a lvl 1 "base" character, setup the usual social macros, fix the UI layout/hotkeys, and basic blank hotbar. Then save those files in a folder to never be overwritten. Or I could just stop making new characters and play the ones I have already 🤔


Jun 28, 2014
No, I just symlink the UI and config stuff. I do the in game advanced loot filters and bazaar setup as well. I keep all of MQ2 directory in the cloud folder.
Apr 14, 2017
When transferring my UI and files from my main pc to my other, I either use my portable HD, thumb drive, or if it's just a file, I do it over gmail, since my computers use the same email. I know I can do it through the shared network, but it's something I got used to doing.
Aug 12, 2018
That copy layout never worked right for me, left a lot of stuff out.

I just have a full copy of EQ on a little usb stick. I also update this right before each patch so I have a list of what and where etc without having do to a lot of copying/exporting, /outputfile etc.
Apr 1, 2020
I did something like that. I went and make two Character setups. One for Melee and one for Caster. Setup the UI as I like and the needed common Hotkeys, Socials, and loads. Saved to usb stick. That way when I make a new character I just copy whichever one needs to be and not worry about which character I have what setup for.

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