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Question - Tradeskill Recommendation (1 Viewer)

Dec 10, 2021
Hey all,

I have decided to level trade skills on one of my characters with the end goal of being able to craft gear for all my other characters. The furthest I have ever gotten in trade skills is around 200 in alchemy. I have been reading several guides over the last few days, and understanding the optimal path is a bit overwhelming. My question is can anyone recommend a fairly straightforward date guide for trade skills?

Aug 12, 2018
Before you start going through a list of things to make you need to first take your character and go to Cresent Reach or AB Sea and do the free tradeskills quests. They are offered in either zone. I prefer AB Sea since you also get the refine quest there but others prefer CR because you get the research there. I just do AB then run over to CR and finish the research.

That will get your tradeskill to 54 for free. Then go to West Freeport and do all the beginner trophy quests. These are the easy version, if you wait till later the higher trophy quests can be harder to get the mats.

Now your ready to tradeskill. Always, always have that trophy equipped so it levels up with you. It would not hurt to buy Extraplanar Trade Satchels if they are cheap enough in your baz. Or make them yourself. They hold tradeskill stuff only and will help with inventory/space.

Rather than going one step at a time thru each tradeskill another concept is to just pick an item you want to make and do the combines/sub combines to make it.

I didn't mess with low stuff since it drops like flies off mobs and you can do some easy quests to fill slots.

But it did kick in for HOT expansion and the armor there. I was able to get many of the abstruse remnants, skilled up tailoring for the templates and the final combine is tradeable. Both the templates and the final product sold well for a while.

I also suggest EQ Traders, while it may seem out of date its not because not that much has changed.

Bonzz has a nice page to start you off with on the free skill and trophy.

Aug 29, 2021
Seriously, get the Tradeskill Construction Set Next by jb321. No messing, no RSI and simple guides to 1-300 for your tradeskills. Example I did all my tradeskills to 54 automatically, then Pottery to 300 in a day. The pottery was over 1500 combines, plus shopping etc. The only running I had to do was but some mats in WW and had to manually run there. I’m working on Artisan Prize (again) for an SK and TCSN is just WoW 🤩

I’d provide a link but I’m on my mobile.

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