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Track things in trader window? (1 Viewer)


New member
Jan 31, 2006
Is there any mac existed or anyway to track items being purchased from a bazaar mule?

In my case I'd like to use my mage to summon pet toys and sell them. Then when stock is low, turn off trader, make toys, then turn trader back on.

Would have to have someway to track how many of each type of pet toy has been sold....etc...

Anything like this around?


Apr 27, 2005
hello, for your macro, to check the number of items left for sale, you would have to have it check all of the trader satchels on you, which is easily done (inventory check for item) and then return the number, and then move on from there. I think the harder part would be to make a macro that would start and stop trader, but that is just my opinion, good luck :) (PS: this should be in question &request section)


So old and salty he grew scales
Sep 28, 2005
If there is not an easy way to get in and out of trader, just do a keypress forward to end trader and back then /trader to restart it maybe?


Active member
Sep 26, 2005
1.can you cast while in trade mode? i have a war mule so i dont know. Just trying to make the mac simple.

2.Also test and see if you open the satchel if it kicks you out of trader mode.

3. And if you add the item and there is one still in there do you have to still have to add it in the trader window?
Ill start the mac for you but if someone has a working one please post it.
Mar 10, 2005
A little assist...

Rich (BB code):
  /if (${FindItemCount[=${itemname}]}>=${TotalToHave}) {
That'll tell ya how many you have.
Rich (BB code):
         /notify BazaarWnd BZW_Start_Button leftmouseup
Will get you back into trader..

To close trader, I just used /cleanup, but you can use whatever the command was again for using alt at the same time you do /keypress a.
Dec 2, 2019
Bumping a super old thread with a similar question. Trying to see if there's anything that can read the output from within the Trader window. Specifically, I want to be able to keep my traders(s) running 24/7 and if someone buys something I want it to spit out the "Soandso purchased XYZ for 12345 platinum" into discord.

However a simple /discord allow #*#purchased#*# is not allowing that. Any input? Is that asking for too much?

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