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Question - ToV Missions & Bonus Exp (1 Viewer)

May 18, 2021
Good evening to you all Redguides, just renewed my level 2 and have a question to the community if I may - I've been receiving mixed messages on whether this can work or not:

Does LOTD work on these missions? I know bonus Exp weekends etc do but does LOTD or exp potions?

Also, My new tank (SK CWTN Thankyou ; ) ) is on the same account as my warrior who runs them - can I simply put LoTD on my SK and camp him in PoK - run the mission and make an alt the trask leader, log and swap and have it work?

Thank you in advance!!


May 5, 2016
no, lotd does not (if you mean the bonus xp for achievement completion etc), but ~113.5 and the 4 mission achievements (plus the 5th for completing all) will take you to 115

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