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Question - TLP Truebox Vaniki - relaxed truebox 8/3/2022? (1 Viewer)


Jun 28, 2014
MQ2 hasn’t worked on Live servers since January. But you mean MQ. It probably won’t on 8/3 but likely will sometime after.


May 5, 2016
ho what happend to MQ2 ?
I mean, could we use the plugins like kissassist sometime in the future.
Thanks @Knightly
MQ2 is no longer a thing, mq2 is the old 32 bit version which was already being phased out as the newest, version just "MacroQuest" or "MQ" --- no "2" was coming into release.

with 64bit eq, MQ went 64bit and mq2 is now d.e.d, dead

Bunch of broad disclaimers and caveats and information:

There are a couple of small, yet important changes with MacroQuest vs the old MQ2 as explained > HERE <

Moving to MacroQuest mental notes:
1. mq2map click is Control+Shift+Click
2. new easyfind self travel is Control+Click (reminder in find window title bar)
3. new easyfind group travel is Control+Shift+Click
4. If you selected a destination in your zone guide and want to activate it you /travelto activate
5. /yes and /no are now aliases
6. your ini configuration files (like for kissassist) now reside in your "Config" folder and not your "Macro" folder
7. if you want the functionality of the MQ2 "MQ2TargetInfo" - They are now in 3 separate plugins: /plugin groupinfo /plugin targetinfo /plugin xtarinfo

MQ doesn't work on Truebox servers

MQ is not supported and does not work on Truebox servers. DarkPaw Games doesn't want multi-boxers, and we don't want to upset the official devs.

Other tools such as MySEQ and IonBC are available for truebox servers.

Unfortunately, MacroQuest of any flavor is against > DBG's Terms of Service <

DBG's stance on 3rd party apps > here < 3rd party apps include things like MacroQuest and MySEQ

Knightly is saying "sometime after 8/3 will likely see MQ for the 'relaxed' truebox servers on MacroQuest since the old 'legacy' MacroQuest2 is dead like the dodo"
Feb 7, 2018
@Sic Awsome answer, thank you !
Was using MQ2 lomg time ago some wasn t aware of that,
Therfore, i got some hope that MQ would work after the ralaxed Truebox server. Finger crossed.
THanks !

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