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Question - Thinking of returning, a couple of questions (1 Viewer)

Aug 21, 2021
Hi All,

I have the dreaded EQ/MQ itch so I was thinking of resubbing to RG and playing again but I was curious if the suspensions/bans are still a thing?
I mostly play on the test server so was wondering if people get suspended on the test server as well? I only box one group, don't play afk and will move on if others turn up.
I may just play on one of the emu servers (Laz?). Does the emu build use MacroQuest or MQ2 (it was still on MQ2 when I last played)?
I see there's MQ2Necro now! I love necros so it sounds great but is it viable if I'm just doing group content where mobs die pretty quick?


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Sep 26, 2021
Hiya Rudmud!

Yes, suspensions/bans are still a thing. DPG has not been RG/MQ friendly this year. That being said, it appears the suspension/ban activity has been lighter in the last few months, so not sure what that means but in general, if you don't AFK play or make yourself obvious, you have a better chance of not getting spanked.

As for EMU, I see posts where some things work and some don't so it's hit or miss depending on which one you choose.

As for mq2necro, I have not used it yet, but all of the reviews have been positive that I have seen, as they are with all the cwtn plugins. The RG crew does a fantastic job on them for sure! The effectiveness may depend on the level of toon as at higher levels, but I've read they shine more on longer battles for sure due to DOT's.

Overall, I would say it's worth coming back as RG makes the game so much more fun, but there is some risk and only you can determine your tolerance.
Mar 23, 2014
There is always a risk playing on Live servers, hence why I box on Emu servers these days.

The CTWN plugins are works of art for live. Some of them work well still with older redguides builds as well on emu servers with some quirks.

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