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Plugin - Things I Like to do when new patch comes out.

Feb 9, 2017
Comment out the suspend merc and camp out lines in the Lazylobbyrez file. (also added the new soulstone for level 115) petty but fixed a spelling error :) not sure if this is done already in the new build.
Set my bags to open and close when using Sellstuff to the vendors.
And Replace my loot.ini file
Lazy Lobby Rez:
| LazyLobbyRez.mac by TreeHuginDruid
| Written 11-14-2010.
| Updated 06-26-2014 for merc switching checks and MQ2Rez bypass.
| Updated 02-03-2015 for item giving fix.


    Sub Main

    /declare SoulStoneMerchant         string outer   "A Disciple of Luclin"
    /declare CorpseSummoner     string outer   "A Priestess of Luclin"
    /declare RangeDist              int    outer   8
    /declare SoulStoneName        string outer
    /declare bag                   string outer
    /declare slot                  string outer
    /declare ItemToGet              string outer
    /declare MercClass              string outer
    /declare i            int    outer

    /squelch /target clear
    /delay 10

    /call PluginCheck
    /call CheckSoulstone
    /call BuySoulstone
    /call GiveSoulstone
    /call ReviveMerc
    /call TakeRez

    /echo Delaying 60 seconds to let merc buff my gimp ass!
    |/delay 60s

    |/call SuspendMerc
    |/call LogMeOut


|SUB: CheckSoulstone
    Sub CheckSoulstone

    /if (${Me.Level}<=115) /varset SoulStoneName Velium Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=110) /varset SoulStoneName Draconic Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=105) /varset SoulStoneName Torrential Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=100) /varset SoulStoneName Coalescent Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=95) /varset SoulStoneName Luminous Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=90) /varset SoulStoneName Phantasmal Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=85) /varset SoulStoneName Iridescent Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=80) /varset SoulStoneName Prismatic Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=75) /varset SoulStoneName Glowing Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=70) /varset SoulStoneName Pristine Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=55) /varset SoulStoneName Faceted Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=50) /varset SoulStoneName Greater Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=40) /varset SoulStoneName Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=30) /varset SoulStoneName Lesser Soulstone
    /if (${Me.Level}<=20) /varset SoulStoneName Minor Soulstone

    /delay 10

    /echo Soulstone for my level (${Me.Level}) is (${SoulStoneName}).


|SUB: BuySoulstone
    Sub BuySoulstone

    /if (${FindItem[${SoulStoneName}].ID}) {
        /echo I already have a (${SoulStoneName}).
    } else {
        /echo I have to buy a (${SoulStoneName}).

        /target ${SoulStoneMerchant}
        /delay 10

        /if (${Target.ID} && ${Target.CleanName.Equal[${SoulStoneMerchant}]}) {
            /echo Moving to (${SoulStoneMerchant}).
            /moveto id ${Target.ID} mdist ${RangeDist}
            /delay 2s ${Me.Moving}

            /if (${Me.Moving}) {
                /delay 2
                /if (${Me.Moving}) /goto :NoMovement1

            /nomodkey /click right target
            /delay 5s ${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}
            /if (!${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}) /goto :OpenGiveWindowA

            /if (${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}) {
                /delay 3s
                /varset ItemToGet ${Window[MerchantWnd].Child[ItemList].List[=${SoulStoneName},2]}

            /if (!${ItemToGet}) {
                /echo I couldn't find (${SoulStoneName})  to purchase!
            } else {
                /echo Found (${SoulStoneName}) to purchase!
                /notify MerchantWnd ItemList listselect ${ItemToGet}
                /delay 10
                /notify MerchantWnd ItemList LeftMouseUp ${ItemToGet}
                /delay 10
                /nomodkey /notify MerchantWnd MW_Buy_Button LeftMouseUp
                /delay 10

            /if (${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}) {
                /nomodkey /notify MerchantWnd MW_Done_Button LeftMouseUp
                /delay 10
                /if (${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}) /goto :CloseMerchantWnd1


|SUB: GiveSoulstone
    Sub GiveSoulstone

    /target ${CorpseSummoner}
    /delay 10

    /if (${Target.ID} && ${Target.CleanName.Equal[${CorpseSummoner}]}) {
        /echo Moving to (${CorpseSummoner}).
        /moveto id ${Target.ID} mdist ${RangeDist}
        /delay 2s ${Me.Moving}

        /if (${Me.Moving}) {
            /delay 2
            /if (${Me.Moving}) /goto :NoMovement2

        /if (${Target.Distance}<=${RangeDist}) /call GrabSoulstone

        /if (${Cursor.ID} && ${Cursor.Name.Equal[${SoulStoneName}]}) {
            /echo I have (${SoulStoneName}) on my cursor.
            /echo Giving (${Cursor.Name}) to (${Target.CleanName}).

            /nomodkey /click left target
            /delay 5s ${Window[GiveWnd].Open}
            /if (!${Window[GiveWnd].Open}) /goto :OpenGiveWindowB

            /if (${Window[GiveWnd].Open}) {
                /notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup
                /delay 3s
                /if (${Window[GiveWnd].Open}) /goto :GiveSoulStone

            /if (${Window[InventoryWindow].Open}) {
                /nomodkey /notify InventoryWindow IW_DoneButton LeftMouseUp
                /delay 5
                /if (${Window[InventoryWindow].Open}) /goto :CloseInvWnd
        } else {
            /echo I couldn't find (${SoulStoneName}) on my cursor!

        /if (${Window[InventoryWindow].Open}) /nomodkey /notify InventoryWindow IW_DoneButton LeftMouseUp
        /delay 5

        /squelch /target clear
        /delay 10


|SUB: GrabSoulstone
    Sub GrabSoulstone

    /echo Attempting to grab (${SoulStoneName}).

    /if (!${Window[InventoryWindow].Open}) /keypress Inventory
    /delay 5

    /itemnotify "${SoulStoneName}" leftmouseup
    /delay 5


|SUB: Revive Merc
    Sub ReviveMerc

    /if (!${Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]}) {
        /echo Attempting to revive my mercenary.
        /nomodkey /notify MMGW_ManageWnd MMGW_SuspendButton LeftMouseUp
        /delay 3s
    /if (!${Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]}) {
        /echo Waiting until mercenary can be revivied.
        /goto :MercReviveLoop
    } else {
        /varset MercClass ${Mercenary.Class}
        /echo My mercenary's calss is (${MercClass}).

|---------------- Check to make sure merc is a healer!
    /if (${MercClass.NotEqual[Cleric]}) {
        /for i 1 to 8
            /echo Looking at merc slot (${i}), (${Window[MMGW_ManageWnd].Child[MMGW_OwnedListBox].List[${i},2]}).
        |/notify MMGW_ManageWnd MMGW_OwnedListBox listselect ${i}
            /if (${Window[MMGW_ManageWnd].Child[MMGW_OwnedListBox].List[${i},2].Find[Healer]}) {
                /echo FOUND A HEALER! - (${Window[MMGW_ManageWnd].Child[MMGW_OwnedListBox].List[${i},2]})
                /echo Switching mercenary to:(${Window[MMGW_ManageWnd].Child[MMGW_OwnedListBox].List[${i},2]}).
                /notify MMGW_ManageWnd MMGW_OwnedListBox listselect ${i}
                /notify MMGW_ManageWnd MMGW_SwitchButton leftmouseup
                /delay 10
            /delay 10
        /next i

|---------------- Check to make sure merc stance is not passive!
    /if (${Mercenary.Stance.Equal[Passive]}) /stance Balanced


|SUB: TakeRez
    Sub TakeRez

|---------------- Check to make sure merc stance is not passive!
    /if (${Mercenary.Stance.Equal[Passive]}) /stance Balanced

    /echo Accepting rez if available.
    /delay 6s

    /if (${Window[ConfirmationDialogBox].Open} && (${Spawn[${Me.ID}].Type.Equal[Corpse]})) {
        /echo I have a rez box, accepting now.
        /nomodkey /notify ConfirmationDialogBox Yes_Button leftmouseup
        /delay 2s
        /multiline ; /echo Respawning ; /notify RespawnWnd RW_OptionsList listselect 2 ; /notify RespawnWnd RW_SelectButton leftmouseup
        /delay 10
        }   else {
            /echo Waiting 6 seconds for a rez.
            /delay 6s

        /if (${Spawn[${Me.ID}].Type.Equal[Corpse]}) /goto :RezWait


    |SUB: Suspend Merc
        Sub SuspendMerc

        /if (${Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]}) {
            /echo Suspending Mercenary.
            /nomodkey /notify MMGW_ManageWnd MMGW_SuspendButton LeftMouseUp
            /delay 3s
        /if (${Mercenary.State.Equal[ACTIVE]}) /goto :MercSuspendLoop


    |SUB: PluginCheck
        Sub PluginCheck

        /echo Checking for required plugins . . .

        /if (!${Plugin[MQ2MoveUtils].Name.Equal[MQ2MoveUtils]}) {
            /echo Loading MQ2MoveUtils plugin, because this macro requires it !
            /squelch /plugin MQ2MoveUtils load
            /delay 1s
            /if (!${Plugin[MQ2MoveUtils].Name.Equal[MQ2MoveUtils]}) {
                /echo Unable to load MQ2MoveUtils plugin, quiting.
        } else {
            /echo MQ2MoveUtils plugin is loaded.

        /echo Plugin check complete . . .


    |SUB: LogMeOut
        Sub LogMeOut

        /echo Time to camp out!
        /keypress forward
        /if (!${Me.Sitting} && !${Me.Mount.ID}) /sit
        /delay 45s
        /camp desktop

|  [+++  Formatted by MQ2fusing tabs for indents +++]
Sell Stuff:
| Sellstuff.mac v1.0 by Maskoi 11/27/2010
| Target the vendor you want to sell to and type /mac sellstuff
| Required  Ninjadvloot.inc v1.8 and a loot.ini file with items marked as sell

    #include Ninjadvloot.inc
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SUB: Main
| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sub Main
    /call SetupAdvLootVars
    /keypress OPEN_INV_BAGS
    /call DoLootStuff sell
    /keypress CLOSE_INV_BAGS

    /goto :sell

|  [+++  Formatted by MQ2fusing tabs for indents +++]
Loot INI:
ExcludeBag1=Extraplanar Trade Satchel
Global1=Item Name|Ignore/Destroy/Keep/Sell
Global2=Item Name|Ignore/Destroy/Keep/Sell
Global3=Item Name|Ignore/Destroy/Keep/Sell
Global4=Item Name|Ignore/Destroy/Keep/Sell
Global5=Item Name|Ignore/Destroy/Keep/Sell
Aderirse Bur=Sell
Alacritous Wraps=Keep
Animal Fearbone=Keep
Animal Venom=Sell
Ancient Treasure=Sell
August Ore=Keep
August Animal Pelt=Keep
Aged Metal=Quest|1
Assassin's Extravagant Belt=Keep
Advisor's Guide=Quest|1
Aq' touz Glow=Quest|1
ArcOre Mantle=Quest|1
Astral Phantom Mask=Quest|1
Auburn Hero's Forge Leather Feet Ornament=Keep
Auburn Hero's Forge Leather Legs Ornament=Keep
Assassin's Extravagant Pauldrons=Keep
Assassin's Extravagant Necklace=Keep
Amorphous Selrach's Wristguard=Quest|0
Auburn Hero's Forge Cloth Chest Ornament=Keep
Amorphous Selrach's Boots=Quest|0
Amorphous Selrach's Helm=Quest|0
Auburn Hero's Forge Cloth Wrist Ornament=Keep
Amorphous Selrach's Breastplate=Quest|0
Alligator Tooth=Sell
Alligator Hide=Keep
Alligator Egg=Keep
Ancient Parchment=Quest|10
Ancient Silk Armwrap Pattern=Quest|0
Athmos' Satchel=Quest|10
Amorphous Selrach's Gauntlets=Quest|0

Befouled Silk=Keep
Blue Diamond=Sell
Befouled Marrow=Keep
Braxi Horn=Keep
Braxi Hoof=Keep
Befouled Animal Pelt=Keep
Black Sting=Keep
Blue Mite=Keep
Body Brew=Keep
Bone Earring=Quest|1
Bloodforged Cloth Wrist Ornament=Keep
Black Powder Pouch=Sell
Bloodforged Chain Wrist Ornament=Keep
Bard's Golden Mask=Keep
Biarn's Blue=Quest|1
Bi'Faak's Silence=Quest|1
Blade of Defense=Keep
Blade of Protection=Keep
Bloodhammered Earstud=Quest|2
Bloodlaced Blade=Keep
Bloodlaced Dagger Piercing=Keep
Blue Brute=Quest|1
Bone Earring=Quest|2
Bore Brisk Outbreaker=Quest|1
Bronzewood Mindstaff=Quest|1
Burnt Cloak=Keep
Burnt Effigy of Tsaph Katta=Keep
Burnt Scale Ring=Quest|1
Bloodforged Plate Legs Ornament=Keep
Black Skull Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Bent Hoist Gear=Keep
Briarweb Venom Sac=Quest|1
Bloodforged Cloth Helm Ornament=Keep
Bloodforged Chain Helm Ornament=Keep
Bloodforged Cloth Arms Ornament=Keep
Brittle Muscimol=Sell
Brick of Ethereal Energy=Sell
Bronze Short Sword=Keep
Bronze Helm=Keep
Basilisk Parts=Keep
Bottled Frost Essence=Quest|10
Block of Velium=Keep
Black Sapphire=Keep
Barking Stone=Keep
Beryl Hero's Forge Chain Feet Ornament=Keep
Bangle of the Foyer Tender=Quest|10
Beryl Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Bloodforged Cloth Feet Ornament=Keep
Class A Cog=Quest|1
Can of Dirty Oil=Quest|1
Can of Warm Oil=Quest|1
Can of Unrefined Oil=Quest|1
Clockwork Gnome Shaft=Keep
Clockwork Pinion Gear=Keep
Clockwork Grease=Keep
Chunk of Congealed Ooze=Keep
Corrupted Loam=Keep
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XVII=Quest|1
Cloth Bolt=Sell
Captain's Fang=Quest|1
Coffin Cookie=Keep
Calcium-Crusted Ring=Quest|2
Captain's Fang=Quest|1
Charm the Herd=Quest|1
Charming Reese=Quest|1
Chieftain Deliverance Sword=Quest|1
Chokadai Scale Cloak=Quest|1
Chokidai Eye=Quest|1
Claim of the Warbringer=Quest|1
Collector's Heirloom Necklace=Keep
Crackjaw Cinch=Quest|1
Cryptic Storm Buckler=Quest|1
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XVIII=Quest|1
Crude Silk=Sell
Chunk of E'cian Ice=Sell
Cobalt Ore=Sell
Crude Defiant Amethyst=Keep
Crude Animal Pelt=Keep
Crystalline Silk Thread=Quest|10
Crystalline Silk=Keep
Concentrated Grade AA Nigriventer Venom=Keep
Concentrated Grade AA Mamba Venom=Keep
Crushed Diamond Dust=Keep
Crushed Emerald=Keep
Crushed Topaz=Keep
Concentrated Grade AA Taipan Venom=Keep
CLASS 4 Steel Serrated Tip Arrow=Keep
Centaur Blood=Keep
Centaur Hoof=Keep
Centaur Parts=Keep
Coiled Serpentskin Belt=Keep
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XII=Quest|10
Consigned Bite of the Shissar XI=Quest|10
Cela's necklace=Quest|10
Chipped Shard of Appeasement=Quest|10
Deep Seas Pearl=Sell
Dweric Powder=Keep
Destroyed Mechanotablet=Keep
Distilled Grade A Nigriventer Venom=Sell
Dreamwalker's Amygdala=Quest|1
Distilled Grade C Nigriventer Venom=Keep
Deep Seas Pearl=Keep
Distilled Grade B Mamba Venom=Keep
Dove's Cry=Quest|1
Dread Stew=Keep
Dal'guur Velvet Wrap=Quest|1
Deathfang Vision=Quest|1
Dirt Dauber Staff=Quest|1
Divergent Acrimony Wand=Quest|1
Di'Zok Bow=Keep
Dove's Cry=Quest|1
Drachnid Clawpoint=Quest|1
Draconic Outburst Hammer=Quest|1
Dreams of Goodwill Bangle=Quest|2
Driven Dragon Belt=Quest|1
Drolvarg Cape=Quest|1
Dust Cloak Armor=Keep
Dissenting Pounder=Quest|1
Distilled Grade A Gormar Venom=Keep
Drogan Toes=Quest|1
Drogan Medicinal Herb Bundle=Quest|1
Defender's Extravagant Pauldrons=Keep
Despot's Brandisher=Keep
Defender's Extravagant Necklace=Keep
Dissenting Handrazors=Quest|1
Dissenting Hackblade=Quest|1
Deepwater Ink=Keep
Darkfell Fang=Quest|10
Dirty Runic Papyrus=Keep
Dream Dust=Keep
Dream Sapphire=Keep
Dervish Essence=Keep
Distilled Grade C Gormar Venom=Sell
Disciplining Maimer=Keep
Distillate of Replenishment XIII=Sell
Distillate of Clarity XIII=Sell
Distillate of Clarity XVI=Sell
Distillate of Celestial Healing XI=Sell
Distillate of Divine Healing XVII=Sell
Distillate of Spirituality XVII=Sell
Exquisite Silk=Sell
Energized Gemstone=Keep
Exquisite Animal Pelt=Keep
Excreted Sand=Keep
Extra Planar Potential Shard=Keep
Exalted Earring=Quest|1
Exalted Shoulderpads=Quest|1
Earring of the Grove=Quest|2
Emblem of Adroitness=Quest|1
Emblem of Combine Diplomacy=Quest|1
Emblem of Finesse=Quest|1
Emblem of Lcea Katta's Insight=Quest|1
Emblem of Tenacity=Quest|1
Emblem of Tsaph Katta's Wisdom=Quest|1
Emblem of Vigor=Quest|1
Embracing Soul Gorget=Quest|1
Engraved Bone Earring=Quest|2
Envy of the Dead=Quest|1
Everburning Cinder=Quest|1
Exquisite Barrager Club=Quest|1
Ebon Hero's Forge Cloth Helm Ornament=Keep
Ebon Hero's Forge Chain Feet Ornament=Keep
Ebon Hero's Forge Leather Wrist Ornament=Keep
Ebon Hero's Forge Leather Feet Ornament=Keep
Excellent Animal Pelt=Sell
Elaborate Defiant Chain Gauntlets=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Plate Gauntlets=Keep
Elemental Leather Wrist Pattern=Quest|10
Essence of Water=Quest|10
Eternal Grove Plate Wrist Ornament=Keep
Elementary Binding Powder=Keep
Excellent Silk=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Fire Bauble=Keep
Evergleam Coif=Keep
Excellent Marrow=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Quickclaw=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Leather Tunic=Keep
Earthen Tear Earring=Quest|10
Elaborate Defiant Minotaur Staff=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Cutlass=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Plate Vambraces=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Aegis=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Rapier=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Chain Wristguard=Keep
Elaborate Defiant Breastplate=Keep
Exotic Marrow=Sell
Ensorcelled Candle=Keep
Elegant Defiant Knuckle Guards=Keep
Elegant Defiant Goshenite=Keep
Essence of Alaris=Sell
Exotic Animal Pelt=Sell
Fine Beetle Eye=Keep
Flawless Larkspur=Keep
Fractured Shard=Sell
Flawless Caladium=Keep
Fright Stone=Keep
Flawless Oleander=Keep
Flawless Silk=Keep
Flower Dyed Sand=Keep
Fantastic Animal Pelt=Keep
Fine Feathers=Keep
Fresh Meat=Sell
Feathered Mask=Quest|1
Face of the Drillmaster=Quest|1
Feathered Mask=Quest|1
Fiend Club of Terror=Quest|1
Fleecy Amice of Eepvibles=Quest|1
Fog Herb Totem=Quest|1
Forest Band=Quest|2
Face of Duplication=Quest|1
Festering Crowd-pleaser=Keep
Froglok Blood=Keep
Fulginate Ore=Sell
Fresh Larkspur=Sell
Fresh Laburnum=Sell
Fine Steel Short Sword=Keep
Fine Steel Long Sword=Keep
Frozen Kodiak Claw=Quest|10
Flawed Defiant Plate Helm=Keep
Frosted Swatch=Keep
Fine Silk=Keep
Frosted Chain Link=Keep
Frosted Scrap Metal=Keep
Fine Spinneret Fluid=Keep
Frosted Hide=Keep
Fresh Muscimol=Keep
Fine Animal Pelt=Keep
Fresh Caladium=Keep
Fresh Oleander=Keep
Fresh Delphinium=Keep
Fine Muscimol=Keep
Fine Delphinium=Keep
Fine Caladium=Keep
Fine Oleander=Keep
Fine Privit=Keep
Fine Laburnum=Keep
Flaming Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Fused Loam=Keep
Fine Larkspur=Keep
Fresh Privit=Keep
Flawless Animal Pelt=Keep
Flawless Wolf Fur=Keep
Fantastic Silk=Sell
Grease Tin=Quest|1
Green Gem Grade Faycite=Quest|1
Glob of Fine Viscous Ooze=Keep
Glob of Fine Gelatinous Ooze=Keep
Goral Paw=Keep
Goral Fins=Keep
Ghostly Ectoplasm=Keep
Gastric Bleached Sand=Keep
Grey Biter=Keep
Giant Mosquito Wings=Keep
Golden Beach Sand=Keep
Gullet Sand=Keep
Greater Essence of Life=Keep
Glittering Amber Fragment=Quest|1
Ghostly Pepper=Keep
Ghoul Flesh=Keep
Giant Lord's Cinch=Quest|1
Gigantic Tattered Cloak=Quest|1
Glorious Belt of Darkness=Quest|1
Glowing Writ of the Combine=Keep
Golden Knight's Belt Armor=Keep
Golden Minstrel's Belt Armor=Keep
Golden Rogue's Belt Armor=Keep
Golden Sage's Choker Armor=Keep
Golden Soldier's Belt Armor=Keep
Golden Soldier's Neck Guard Armor=Keep
Greater Writ of the Combine=Keep
Green Glory=Quest|1
Grey Cloak=Keep
Grey Dawn=Quest|1
Guardian's staff=Quest|1
Goblin Tally Counter=Keep
Goblin Token Game=Keep
Green Leaf Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Gemmed Fin=Sell
Glyphed Rune Word=Quest|10
Grade D Larkspur Extract=Keep
Grade D Gormar Venom=Keep
Grizzly Bear Skull=Keep
Gold Painted Rune=Keep
Glowing Worm Bile=Quest|10
Grizzly Bear Head=Keep
Gnoll Teeth=Keep
Goblin Parts=Keep
Goblin Skull=Keep
Grimy Papyrus=Keep
Giant Bones=Keep
Giant Parts=Keep
Giant Blood=Keep
Greater Nebulous Dream Fragment=Keep
Grimy Clump of Hair=Keep
Hex Bolt=Quest|1
High Quality Steel Gear=Keep
Haltha's Pauldrons=Quest|1
Hak'ouz Visions=Quest|1
Heart of Argath=Sell
Hraquis Antennae=Sell
Hope Stone=Quest|10
Hammer of Crushing Waves=Quest|10
Hardened Kodiak Leather Bracer=Keep
High Quality Wolf Skin=Keep
High Quality Cat Pelt=Keep
Immaculate Laburnum=Sell
Immaculate Oleander=Keep
Immaculate Caladium=Keep
Intact White Dragon Scale=Keep
Iksar Bane=Keep
Immaculate Silk=Sell
Imperial Ore=Keep
Iridium Ore=Keep
Icetooth's Claws=Keep
Intricately Patterned Spider Carapace=Keep
Intricate Combatant's Orb=Keep
Intricate Defiant Chain Leggings=Keep
Indium Ore=Keep

Kar-Zok Ear Cuff=Quest|2
Kaznak's Bulwark Emblem=Quest|1
Kizzixik Lordship Blade=Quest|1
Knight's Golden Ring=Keep
Korshan Buckler=Quest|1
Krassex Cloak of Bond=Quest|1
Kelp-lined Mantle=Quest|10
Kodiak Claws=Keep
Kodiak Pelt=Keep
Kobold Hide=Keep
Kobold Meat=Keep
Large Coil Spring=Quest|1
Large Hex Bolt=Quest|1
Lost Light of the House=Quest|1
Lesser Briny Essence=Keep
Life Infused Jewel=Sell
Lcea Katta Cloth Hands Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Plate Hands Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Chain Chest Ornament=Keep
Lumber Plank=Sell
Lesser Essence of Life=Keep
Lesser Writ of the Combine=Keep
Lcea Katta Cloth Arms Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Chain Helm Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Cloth Wrist Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Leather Helm Ornament=Keep
Lcea Katta Plate Arms Ornament=Keep
Leather Roll=Sell
Lcea Katta Chain Arms Ornament=Keep
Large Raw-hide Skullcap=Keep
Left Goblin Ear=Keep
Large Brick of Unrefined Ore=Keep
Large Brick of Velium=Keep
Low Quality Wolf Skin=Keep
Low Quality Bear Skin=Keep
Low Quality Cat Pelt=Keep
Lump of Elemental Clay=Quest|10
Leopard Intestines=Keep
Liquid Nightmare=Keep
Muddite Skull=Keep
Mask of the Chetari=Keep
Morbid Fossil=Sell
Median Essence of Life=Keep
Minor Writ of the Combine=Keep
Medicinal Herbs=Sell
Mace of Spiteful Retribution=Quest|1
Majestic Centurion Mallet=Quest|1
MakTak Attack=Quest|1
Mantle of Delirium=Quest|1
Mantle of the Rhino=Quest|1
Mask of Diamond Dust=Quest|1
Mask of Dust=Quest|1
Master of Dusks=Quest|1
Master's Sharp=Quest|1
Master's Token of Command=Quest|1
Matron's Wedding Ring=Quest|2
Median Writ of the Combine=Keep
Meteorite Fragment Stud=Quest|2
Midnight Captain=Quest|1
Might and Madness Studs=Quest|2
Minor Writ of the Combine=Keep
Minstrel's Golden Ring=Keep
Mosscovered Great Sword=Quest|1
Mosscovered Longbow=Quest|1
Moss-Crusted Axe=Quest|1
Master's Mercy=Keep
Medallion of the Nathsar=Quest|10
Medallion of the Kunzar=Quest|10
Mantrap Root=Quest|10
Mummy Head Ornament=Keep
Medium Quality Wolf Skin=Keep
Medium Quality Cat Pelt=Keep
Muddy Royal Scroll=Quest|10
Mysterious Loam=Sell
Natural Spices=Sell
Nefarious Detaining Dagger=Quest|1
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 351=Sell
Nodding Blue Lily=Sell
Natural Marrow=Keep
Nightmare Ruby=Keep
Oil Can=Quest|1
Ornamental Chain Coif=Keep
Osmium Ore=Sell
Omen of Disparity Sword=Quest|1
Orb of Tormented Rage=Quest|1
Ornate Brass Shield=Quest|1
Overlord Dangle of Kizzixik=Quest|2
Oscillating Burnoose=Quest|1
Ornately Carved Wooden Pendant=Quest|10
Ornate Defiant Dagger=Keep
Ornate Defiant Plate Greaves=Keep
Ornate Defiant Leather Sleeves=Keep
Ornate Defiant Gladius=Keep
Ornate Defiant Cloth Cap=Keep
Ornate Defiant Plate Vambraces=Keep
Ornate Defiant Harmonagate=Keep
Ornate Defiant Charm=Keep
Planar Energy Shard=Keep
Planar Goo=Keep
Pristine Bird Beak=Keep
Pungent Fluid=Quest|1
Pure Diamond Trade Gem=Sell
Pure Emerald Trade Gem=Sell
Pure Sapphire Trade Gem=Sell
Pauldrons of Cycles=Quest|1
Pale Cloak=Keep
Pauldron of the Hero=Keep
Petrified Chokidai Bone Claws=Quest|1
Petrified Egg=Keep
Plaguebringer's Vertebrae=Quest|1
Poised Brace Ring=Quest|2
Portent Haunting Mantle=Quest|1
Prince's Rainment=Quest|1
Pulsing Meteorite Fragment=Quest|1
Purple Skull Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Primitive Interrogator=Keep
Punctual Interrogator=Keep
Pickled Froglok Eye=Quest|10
Platinum Embossed Rune=Keep
Pliant Loam=Keep
Pearlescent Snake Fang=Keep
Pearlescent Crocodilian Tooth=Keep
Pearlescent Crocodilian Claw=Keep
Portal Scrap=Quest|10
Pearlescent Spider Fang=Keep
Pearlescent Puma Claw=Keep
Pearlescent Puma Tooth=Keep
Puma Teeth=Keep
Pearlescent Wolf Tooth=Keep
Pearlescent Bear Tooth=Keep
Pristine Animal Pelt=Keep
Portable Greenhouse of Thule=Quest|10
Pristine Oleander=Sell
Pristine Delphinium=Sell
Queen's Toy=Quest|1
Rune Binding Powder=Keep
Red Gem Grade Faycite=Quest|1
Relic Fragments=Sell
Red Mite=Keep
Red Biter=Keep
Red Nibbler=Keep
Remnant's Reserve=Keep
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Boots=Quest|1
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Cap=Quest|1
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Sleeves=Quest|1
Ring of Cycles=Quest|1
Ring of Joy=Quest|2
Ring of the Gypsy=Keep
Rogue's Golden Mask=Keep
Rotting Drop of Dusk=Quest|1
Runic Gouger=Quest|1
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Wristguard=Quest|1
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Chestpiece=Quest|1
Runner's Waterpouch=Keep
Resonating Portal Dust (Heda)=Keep
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Gloves=Quest|1
Raw Crypt-Hunter's Leggings=Quest|1
Resonating Portal Dust (Fana)=Keep
Rune of the Inverse=Sell
Rubicite Ore=Keep
Rhenium Ore=Sell
Regrua Claws=Keep
Raw Amber Nihilite=Keep
Raw Indigo Nihilite=Keep
Raw Shimmering Nihilite=Sell
Refined Grade A Gormar Venom=Keep
Rain Water=Keep
Raw Fine Hide=Keep
Rusty Long Sword=Keep
Raw-hide Gloves=Keep
Raw Supple Hide=Keep
Rough Defiant Plate Vambraces=Keep
Rough Defiant Cloth Wristwrap=Keep
Rough Defiant Chain Bracer=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Trousers=Keep
Rough Defiant Chain Tunic=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Gloves=Keep
Rough Defiant Halberd=Keep
Rough Defiant Cloth Gloves=Keep
Rough Defiant Trillion Amethyst=Keep
Rough Defiant Plate Gauntlets=Keep
Rough Defiant Plate Greaves=Keep
Rough Defiant Knuckle Dusters=Keep
Rough Defiant Spiked Staff=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Boots=Keep
Rough Defiant Longsword=Keep
Rough Defiant Chitin Shield=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Sleeves=Keep
Rough Defiant Plate Helm=Keep
Rough Defiant Plate Bracer=Keep
Rough Defiant Breastplate=Keep
Raw Runic Hide=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Bracer=Keep
Rough Combatant's Stake=Keep
Rough Defiant Leather Tunic=Keep
Ruined Wolf Pelt=Keep
Ruined Bear Pelt=Keep
Ruined Cat Pelt=Keep
Refined Grade A Mamba Venom=Keep
Refined Grade A Nigriventer Venom=Keep
Runed Oak Bow=Keep
Razor-sharp Obsidian Blade=Quest|10
Refined Grade AA Gormar Venom=Keep
Refined Grade AA Choresine Sample=Keep
Refined Grade AA Nigriventer Venom=Keep
Raw Crimson Nihilite=Keep
Recondite Remnant of Greed=Quest|10
Recondite Remnant of Truth=Quest|10
Sooty Fine Paper=Keep
Soluble Loam=Keep
Scarecrow Animation Essence=Keep
Small Clockwork Screws=Keep
Steamwork Powersource=Quest|1
Steel Beam=Quest|1
Sheet of Steel=Quest|1
Small Coil Spring=Quest|1
Steel Wire=Quest|1
Smudged Runic Spell Tablet=Keep
Spool of Fine Wire=Quest|1
Salutary Continuance Mechanotablet=Keep
Selyrah Ridge=Keep
Selyrah Egg=Quest|1
Strip of Swinetor Flesh=Quest|1
Selyrah Bones=Keep
Small Glowing Fear Shard=Keep
Scale Ore=Sell
Sooty Sortilege Sheet=Keep
Sunshard Dust=Keep
Small Mosquito Wing=Keep
Stinging Insect=Keep
Sylvan Chain Arms Ornament=Keep
Sun Bleached Sand=Keep
Sylvan Leather Helm Ornament=Keep
Steel Ingot=Keep
Sibilisan Viridian Pigment=Sell
Scuffed Weapon Crate of the Mercenary=Keep
Sage's Golden Mask=Keep
Satchel of the Combine Hero=Quest|1
Searstinger Claws=Quest|1
Sebilisian Brilliance=Quest|1
Sebilisian Celerity=Quest|1
Sebilisian Harmony=Quest|1
Sebilisian Prudence=Quest|1
Shark's Tooth Club=Keep
Shattered Blade=Keep
Simple Secrets of the Combine Hero=Keep
Ska'Tu Doom=Quest|1
Skull Crusher Staff=Quest|1
Skullsplitter of Doom=Quest|1
Skyiron Heater=Keep
Skyiron Kite=Keep
Soldier's Golden Mask=Keep
Spear of Vindictive Judgement=Quest|1
Spectral Ghoul Cloak=Quest|1
Spectre's Choke=Quest|1
Spirit Darkened Dagger=Quest|1
Spy's Gem of Stealth=Quest|1
Staff of the Shai'din=Keep
Star Plate=Quest|1
Staunch Tyranny Axe=Quest|1
Stone Feather=Quest|1
Stone of Dragon Tolls=Quest|1
Stone of Tranquility=Sell
Storm Activated Choker=Quest|1
Succulent Familiar=Quest|1
Swift Pauldron=Keep
Symbol of the Dragon's Scale=Keep
Strifetorn Necklace=Quest|1
Skull Charm Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Strifetorn Shroud=Quest|1
Sarnak Captain's Signet=Keep
Sorcerer's Extravagant Earring=Keep
Scroll: Illusion: Goblin Shaman=Keep
Shard of Memories=Quest|1
Sylvan Plate Wrist Ornament=Keep
Soother's Extravagant Necklace=Keep
Soother's Extravagant Belt=Keep
Sylvan Chain Feet Ornament=Keep
Sylvan Cloth Hands Ornament=Keep
Sylvan Leather Chest Ornament=Keep
Sebilisian Proficiency=Keep
Spectral Bow=Quest|10
Spell: Dementia=Sell
Strand of Ether=Sell
Sparkling Fish Scales=Sell
Slarghilug Kelp Strands=Sell
Spectral Parchment=Quest|10
Soother's Extravagant Pauldrons=Keep
Silvril Ore=Keep
Splintering Club=Keep
Sullied Silk=Keep
Small Splinted Bronze Cloak=Keep
Shard of Power=Quest|10
Sylvan Leather Arms Ornament=Keep
Sylvan Plate Arms Ornament=Keep
Sylvan Leather Wrist Ornament=Keep
Small Brick of Velium=Keep
Small Piece of Velium=Keep
Snow Spider Legs=Keep
Sunshard Pebble=Keep
Spider Silk=Sell
Snake Egg=Sell
Snake Meat=Keep
Snake Fang=Keep
Serpent Spine Geode=Keep
Steppes Reptile Meat=Sell
Spider Legs=Sell
Spider Mandible=Keep
Sunshard Ore=Keep
Section of Fine Snake Pancreas=Keep
Snake Venom Sac=Keep
Snake Scales=Keep
Shimmering Snake Scales=Keep
Spider Venom Sac=Sell
Small Brick of Unrefined Ore=Keep
Steppes Ore=Keep
Stale Caladium=Keep
Stonemight Ear=Quest|10
Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus=Keep
Stonemight Silver=Keep
Supple Centaur Tail Hair=Keep
Superb Animal Pelt=Keep
Shiny Centaur Tail Hair=Keep
Saturated Marrow=Keep
Section of Wolf Pancreas=Keep
Shiny Bear Tooth=Keep
Stale Delphinium=Keep
Spell: Echo of Tashan Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Lesson of Penitence Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Ward of Reprisal Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Phantasmal Warden Rk. II=Keep
Superb Silk=Keep
Spell: Challenge for Honor Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Dyn`leth's Grasp Rk. II=Keep
Song: Song of the Dryads Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Icefall Breath Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Minohten Mending Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Tortugone's Drowse Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Scent of Twilight Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Reproval Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Spiritual Vim Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Malosinise Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Speed of Ellowind Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Pure Life Rk. II=Keep
Spell: Direwild Skin Rk. II=Keep
Superb Spinneret Fluid=Keep
Snake Head=Keep
Sooty Numen Plaque=Keep
Sentinel's Claw=Quest|10
Soul of Erillion=Sell
Sylvan Leather Legs Ornament=Keep
Sylvan Plate Chest Ornament=Keep
Sebilisian Efficacy=Keep
Shark Tooth=Sell
Tainted Feather=Keep
Tainted Delphinium=Keep
Tantalum Ore=Sell
Tainted Muscimol=Sell
Tainted Privit=Keep
The Whole Darn Thing=Keep
Tainted Laburnum=Sell
Twisted Gorilla Hand=Keep
Tideworn Leggings=Quest|1
Token of the Waveswept=Quest|1
Terrifying Jaws=Sell
Taka, Slayer of Dragons=Keep
Tattered Gorget=Quest|1
The Bridgekeeper's Memory=Quest|1
Torq of Flintikki=Quest|1
Totemic Mace=Quest|1
Tower of Sebilis Shield=Keep
Trace Shield of Peppershiv=Quest|1
Tainted Planar Essence=Sell
Tungsten Ore=Sell
Thalium Ore=Keep
Thick Silk=Keep
Tizmak Sleeves=Keep
Tuft of Grizzly Bear Fur=Keep
Titanium Ore=Keep
Tarnished Nose Ring=Quest|10
Tome of Jolting Kicks Rk. II=Keep
Unleashed Vengeance=Quest|1
Unyielding Devotion=Quest|1
Unliving Concoction=Quest|1
Uncut Amethyst=Keep
Uncut Combine Star=Keep
Uncut Rubellite=Keep
Uncut Demantoid=Keep
Uncut Jacinth=Keep
Uncut Alexandrite=Keep
Uncut Black Sapphire=Keep
Versluierd Fungus=Sell
Valuable Junk=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Leather Chest Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Chain Hands Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Leather Arms Ornament=Keep
Vakov's Pendant of Obscurity=Quest|1
Veil of Freedom Ring=Quest|2
Venom-Bladed Greataxe=Quest|1
Venomous Wand=Quest|1
Vim Mantle of Resilience=Quest|1
Vine-Braided Ring=Quest|2
Vim and Vigor Leather Feet Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Plate Chest Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Cloth Wrist Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Plate Helm Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Plate Wrist Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Plate Hands Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Cloth Robe Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Chain Arms Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Cloth Robe Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Leather Hands Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Cloth Hands Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Chain Helm Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Leather Helm Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Leather Chest Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Cloth Legs Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Leather Arms Ornament=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Plate Feet Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Chain Feet Ornament=Keep
Viridian Wizard Hat Ornament=Keep
Vim and Vigor Chain Wrist Ornament=Keep
Velium Great Staff=Keep
Velium Silvered Rune=Keep
Velium Warhammer=Keep
Velium Morning Star=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Leather Wrist Ornament=Keep
Velium Gemmed Rune=Keep
Vial of Gnoll Blood=Keep
Viridian Hero's Forge Cloth Legs Ornament=Keep
Wrapping Antennae=Keep
Writing Ink=Keep
Witch's Sandwich=Keep
Warmaster Dusk=Quest|1
Weaver's Pauldron=Keep
Worn Iksar Cleaver=Quest|1
Woven Plaguebraid Cord=Quest|1
Woven Silk Sash=Quest|1
Warmaster Dusk Sword=Quest|1
Words of the Psyche=Sell
Wax Flower=Sell
Words of Grappling=Sell
Water Mephit Blood=Sell
Water Mephit Skin=Sell
Wurm Meat=Keep
White Scaled Leggings=Keep
White Scaled Tunic=Keep
Wasp Spider Silk=Keep
White Spider Fur=Keep
Wolf Teeth=Keep
Yellow Nibbler=Keep
Yakman Parts=Quest|10
Yellow Spider Silk=Quest|10
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