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News - The Outer Brood - EQ's 31st Expansion (1 Viewer)

Jul 11, 2020
Discuss EQ's next expansion.

The Outer Brood will have something to do with Dragons, according to the developers. During a small tease on stream, the team showed off a dragon, which is confirmed to be the biggest NPC in the game. The team's inspiration behind the dragon teased in The Outer Brood was to create a species of dragon that was not Norrathian.

A Four Winged Dragon with Colossal size.
Hopefully it will be an NPC we are allowed to defeat, not just for looks!

/em stokes the BBQ in prep of more Dragon Meat
With "The Outer Brood" coming out, I posit they may be adding in a new branch of lore to EQ1 and EQ2 in prep for EQ3.

EQ2 having it's own version on the next expansion of course...
News - The Outer Brood - EQ's 31st Expansion

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