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Sports - The broom got'em! (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2020
I had the privelege of meeting Gary Pettis, The Astro's(He was with the Rangers at that time) 3rd base coach. Our boys were on the same football team many years back. Now he's a WR for the Bears. Very cool family. I loved that his wife was a Raiderette as I am a life long Raiders fan(hate away lol). Another young man on the same team now plays in MLB for the Marlins. Smarter choice to follow the path of baseball for him. He did a wonderful job helping our olympic team qualify but unfortunately he didn't get to participate as he got the "Call" and The Phillies brought him up. If any of you follow our US Baseball program you will know this young man, his name is Luke Williams. He was drafted out of High School. That must have been a rush!!
Oct 12, 2015
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