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Discussion - Terror of Luclin (Pre-Orders now live Oct 12) (1 Viewer)


Warriors are inferior (read: crybaby) tanks
Jul 30, 2006
Are the TS items on the merchants to start trying to make the new TS gear? Last year the right components weren't on the merchants for a few weeks.
Jan 20, 2017
If I preorder do I get access to tov and cov right away or do I have to wait until the release date.

I’m assuming the latter but does anyone know for sure?
Previously you got access to live zones right away. Would have to log out completely though. Should be the same here.

I am wondering if they will make ToV free for everyone at the start or delay it like they did TBL.
Sep 10, 2019
I missed launch due to irl reasons, but saw plenty of reviews that led me to skip CoV on my 6. I'm preordering ToL, not really based on anything though other than being tired of ToV
Oct 23, 2016
I liked CoV for the zones. Not the usual SoV (that you have in tov) zones i used to go to.
It should have been better with Iceclad 2.0 and Thurgadin - Icewell Keep.
But yeah content was poor compared to Tov which had at least the earring tasks arc.
I hope we'll have some challeging and fun things in that new Xpac

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