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Question - TBL fustration(s) (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2021
o/ All.

Little frustrated in TBL. Working to keep my group "close" in camp and during combat. Getting better at control, but my Bard keeps taking either; a walk or fall! I'm camping him with the others, but at odd time I find he's gone "over a bridge" or far side of zone (which is probably linked to him falling off an island! With falling, although he's kept close, last time I noticed he was hot for 200K and puched off the island! (I'm currently camping an AC aug mob).

Just frustrated a little, is this normal in TBL; Zephyr's Flight?

Any suggestions on how to mitigate? Thank you in advance friends :)
Mar 3, 2021
Yes, Zephyr's was a very annoying zone to box in.

Bard's super-speed is the biggest culprit here. Can turn that off and you should see some improvement. I also made sure I keep my guys on one of the big islands and just pulled critters too them.

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