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Question - Streaming Risk? (1 Viewer)

Dec 24, 2020
Hi, first post.

I currently stream Everquest using ISBoxer. I noticed there was a guide to use ISBoxer + mq2autologin and I was curious to know what kind of risk that would present? I would really love a way to login to my accounts with zero hassle. Some of my viewers have also suggested I try KissAssist out and make some melee characters, I have no plans to play the game AFK or unattended how much risk does that bring up? Should I use 100% separate accounts from my main accounts to avoid any kind of risk to them or will they just ban everything from a single ip?

Just trying to get some info before I jump in and try it out.



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Jul 3, 2018


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Jul 22, 2018
Damn. I see you create videos for YouTube. How risky is just that? Thank you for answering my questions.
static videos seem to be much less risky than live streaming. When making a video, you can use the anonimizer to hide your character names. When live streaming, they will stream snipe you to figure out who you are and ban the accounts.

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