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Question - Starting anew on Live (1 Viewer)

Jan 4, 2022
Hello there, I'm getting back into EQ and I am starting again anew. A few questions I have is are there any servers I should prefer or stay away from? Also I only have 25 out of 28 expansion packs, Will I handicap myself if I do not purchase them? I am probably going to box two characters and perhaps mix my wife into the equation so 1 gold account and 2 free accounts, will this be sufficient to get to the later stuff?

Thanks in advance.


Jun 28, 2014
It all depends on what you want to do. Start off on older content and work your way up. There is a LOT of content in EQ. I think starting with 3 is fine until you know if you like it and want to stick around.

No wrong answer as long as you’re having fun.


New member
Jan 8, 2022
I returned recently also. So some of my knowledge is limit but my two cents.

It depends on what you want to do. If you are looking to level fast, then stay away from the TLP servers. If you are looking for the original-ish EQ content leveling, then there are several TLP servers that should fit your fancy. The only thing that not having the remaining expansions is max level, and access to some task/merc/equipment advancement. But you can still get pretty far up until you want to buy those last three expansions. The problem you will mostly find is ensure you can get buffs for leveling (temp, virtue, DS, etc.) Sometimes its really easy because one person will login like six alts, and buff you. But if everyone is idle it's a pain.

The other thing is in addition to the early level cap of 50% of your level difference, there is a max level cap of 30 levels. so to group with a 115, you have to be 85 to get exp. Also, if you follow the hero's journey series of achievements (and quests) it will level you fairly well, or you can just grind the entire time if you want.

IRT your 1 g 2 non-paid accounts, I am actually about to make a post asking for a good setup for my boxing attempts.
Dec 24, 2020
You can trio to 120, just bring a real tank IMO. Merc healers work well enough, depending on the gear/tank you will want 1 or 2 of them. I prefer the Rogue merc for dps. At 105/110 I would krono/gold for a month each character to get the auto granted AA. I would keep the tank gold the entire time for prestige gear/auto grant as you level/etc. The hero's journey is a fine leveling path but slower than just chasing hot zones daily. I have a few leveling videos on my youtube channel and almost the entire hero's journey. If you feel the mercs are to weak a F2P character is probably better but just KR/gold it once at 105/110 for the max AA grant. Also I wouldn't worry about the expansions unless you want the claimable items from them, until you are that level. You are missing 110+ content not much in TOV/COV/TOL for anyone under 110 if anything so wait until you get there to buy them, unless you want the mounts/bags/etc from the TOL editions.

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