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Jun 12, 2015
kaen01 submitted a new resource:

Spells.Mac - Easy lists of your spells and aa and memmed spells for use while building inis.


/mac spells [Level] - Lists the spells for that leve, with their category and sub category
Example for a paladin:
/mac spells 70
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and in the /mq2/release/logs folder is a file named : Toonname-70.log that shows the same output, you can open that and copy paste the names easily into inis and other things you working on.

/mac spells - lists your currently available aa and memmed spells, also creates logs for them.
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Jun 12, 2015
Currently there is a little bug in mq2log plugin so it dont clear the log files before writing them again, wired420 is on the case and eventually that will be fixed.

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