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Request - Specific mez / offtank macro (1 Viewer)

Aug 9, 2006
I'm working on achievements that I, and friends, have missed and in doing so, am looking for a macro to mez or offtank certain mobs. I don't want to kill ANY of the mobs that are on the mezz / offtank list, but any other mobs are perfectly able to be killed. In one task, offtanking is REQUIRED since they're named who can't be mez'd. The job here is for the tank to just keep aggro.

In another particular task, the job is not kill any of a certain mobtype until you have a certain number of them - 8 in the immediate task I'm thinking of, but that number could easily vary.

Anything like those already created?
Feb 29, 2020
I did this a while ago with war, shm, bard, zerk x3.
zerkers were mainly just there for moral support and to kill adds.
had them in manual and assisted on adds only (real quick to put them back in manual on named).
Pretty sure I just let the 8 royals beat on the tank until it was time to blow them up.
Jun 19, 2020
i had war serker bard shaman cleric rogue i set everyone to do nothing put warrior with big i forget his name in corner with no riposte wepons set up cleric healed along with shaman the rest i would manually operate kill non royals while i tagged ad dragged royals onto the warrior

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