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IRL - sooo.. im back, i think (1 Viewer)


Well-known member
Mar 21, 2020
a few months ago my computer decided to die (R.I.P, old friend) so i got a new one, installed EQ, installed VV, plugins, did the setting the way i like them and so on... about a week later i did something stupid and had to format my drive. when i realized that i would have to do all the setup/settings again i just stoped playing, it took me days to setup everything.

so i have a few questions:
is rgmercs still the easiest way to setup stuff? i dont need to min/max everthing, i just want the healer to heal, the tank to tank and dps to dps.
im guessing most of you do backups, do you make a copy of all your stuff from time to time or do you save a settingsfile? other?


"MacroQuest - Live" in the RG Launcher
May 5, 2016
rgmercs is great, and out-of-the-box just does their job yup do that

backups? sometimes, but not regularly

if you're getting all setup again, make sure you're starting with MacroQuest "Next"

Welcome back, I will pour one out (water) for the homie (rip computer)


Jun 28, 2014
The only issue I’ve had is I used to have a script that cleans up “conflicted copy” because KA and derivatives use that shared buff file and Dropbox detects when they are changed at the same time and makes a copy.

I’m sure CWTN plugins would do the same.

But it’s quick to just delete any conflicted copy and it doesn’t have any real impact other than being messy.

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