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Strategy - SK Hotbar ideas (1 Viewer)


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Jan 25, 2020
Hey fellow RedGuidians, so I'm building my boxing group and I'm going to be maining my SK tank. I'd love to see some ideas of what your hotbars (1-0 and "-" and "=") look like. I plan on using MQ2 in a way that will allow me to use KissAssist and EQBC to kind of play my toons when I want, or let KA play them when I'm feeling lazy. Just curious how you have your hotbars setup for your main SK tanks. Thanks and love the community.


Feb 1, 2013
first and most important and most used hotkey is probably /mqp
I use it all the time to pause the macro and do manual pulls etc. then add some keys to control the group like /bcg //mqp on and a /mqp off

Others i use frequently is /bcg //camphere on and off and /bcg //chase on and off

Other than those, your group when correctly setup should basically do their thing and assist u whatever u do while u play your sk... if u have to switch between chars or manually push a bunch of hotkeys for them it just mean they can be configured better.

The group window also have some useful buttons like come to me follow me etc which can give u some ideas, mouseover displays what they do, u can also rightclick a group members name to get some more ideas, they can pick up ground items etc from that menu.
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Jan 25, 2020
Great thanks @eqmule. I wasn't even thinking about common macros for KA and MQ2 but now that you opened that pandora's box, I'd love to see if we can get a good list of "top" macros to use. My original comment/question was mainly how your individual character/puller (SK) hotbar is setup. I normally play a mage so I'm not used to using a SK. But I'd love this thread to turn into a list of most used macros to make the whole boxing experience better. Thanks.
Mar 9, 2017
On my SK I run 6 hotbars + the combat ability window for some manual press stuff. This guy runs in KA pullertank mode most of the time, but I still pause him to do certain things, mash hotkeys when things get challenging or play full manual for events.

The stuff I hit the most:
  • /mqp - Macro pause as a toggle on the SK. I pause to manually pull a lot. Most useful button, I set it to 3 key on every toon on every computer.
  • Cloak of Shadows - Hit this all the time. Perfected IVU sometimes too.
  • Pull - I use the "X for Power" line, so I mainly hit Alt+# to cast it from spell bar, but I used to have a hotkey to pull.
  • /nav stop - The SK is auto-running somewhere and I need him to stop right away.
  • The three AA feign deaths plus a /stand one
  • Shield Flash - Faster refresh "dodge everything" for a few ticks. I have it in my ini too, but I do hit it if I see my tank in trouble.
  • Dicho/Dis lifetap - Instant tap so I'll hit it like while I'm running back if the SK is low on health and I'm not worried about summon.
  • Explosion AE aggros - I let the AE section of the ini fire them, but I also hit them if I see more adds walk in.
  • The three mitigation discs + deflection + Reavers: I use the two fast refresh mitigations 90% of the time.
KA start and stop stuff:
  • Move group & reset camp buttons - They are like eqmule's or Sics. Pause the macros, get invis/selos/mount or such, then unpause/camphere at new spot.
  • Various KA start hotkey - I have a standard "Start everybody" and another to restart just the SK as pullertank. I have an alt start that puts the SK in tank mode if I want to afk a sec but am worried about wandering mobs or repops.
Stuff that is useful but I don't use all the time:
  • Everybody "consent" me, /corpsedrag & /nav target - For manual corpse recoveries I have a few hotkeys that get the SK consent and help me auto grab 2 corpses at a time. There are also corpse drag macros, but I don't like switching macros.
  • /burn hotkey - Broadcasts for all KA toons to use their Burn section for DPS, heals and defense boosts
  • mini burns - These are just some custom "/alt act #" that broadcast to my bard/zerk/bst to use some individual DPS boosts. Nice if you need a particular mob killed, but don't want to use all your cooldowns.
  • Tough named inc - This is a pre-buff hotkey that will make the cleric pop their group heal and refresh some short buffs.
  • Direct taunts - I rarely need these at max level but I do have taunt/ageless/unyielding setup + aggro jumps like hate's attract/projection/stream too.
Panic buttons:
  • My top bar is just a line of Uh Oh stuff. I like these all in one line, so I can quickly glance and see whats running and what's available still.
  • Anything that taps instantly (leechtouch, reflex revulsion, dicho/dis, bite)
  • Spurn for the mini mitigation/rune
  • Shield flash
  • Breastplate for clicky
  • Blood drinkers coating
  • If you have epic, anguish BP, raid dodge aura or diplomatic papers or such, those could help too.
Kill it now:
  • Besides /burn I also have all the SK big dmg stuff in a hotkey area. I know roughly what each one does, so I can hit about the right amount of dmg for the situation or mash my way through them if I'm trying to finish a Named off now. It's all in Burn, but sometimes I want to override the cast priority/global and just hit all these over other stuff.
  • Harm Touch - Thought Leech - Claret Blade - Wounding Blade
  • If I haven't already hit them, I cycle the big dmg taps - Leech Touch - Dicho/Dis - Reflexive Revul.

For mq2/KA you can see Sic's hotkey page. He runs a warrior and bard (group invis) so you can change them as you need.

FriedFryz also shared his larger hotkey/macro setups for stuff like moving the whole group or even whole raids.
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Mar 2, 2019
All of the above. With Tov I have Group Ivu close to cloak of shadows. For years I never had that on a top hotbar. Bobbing corpse in there too. Fellowship insignia of course and breasplate clickies and epic clicky(best epic ever!) I got lazy and put 3 hotkeys up for magus So I can hit them to go to Nedarias and North Ro then Fly to new EW lol am slow at typing .

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