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Patch - 'Safely' Enabling eqgame on Windows Defender after Patch (Updated with exclusion removal instructions) (1 Viewer)


Oct 4, 2019
For folks, like me, who are pissed DBG didn't adequately test out their recent update against AV tools prior to releasing you, it you're most likely getting a false positive. I, personally, leverage Windows Defender. Windows Defender, however, isn't the most clear when you say you are 'allowing' eqgame.exe to run. Instead of an exception for that specific executable, it actually allows anything matching that trojan's signature to run. This is, obviously, a very bad thing. To fix this, you'll want to do the following until DBG fixes their crap:

First, we'll make sure to remove the exception Windows Defender adds if you told it to allow the threat:
1. Open up the 'Windows Security configuration.
2. Click on Virus & threat protection.
3. Click on the 'allowed threats' link:
4. Make sure this list is empty. If not you should see an option to remove the threat from the allowed list.
5. Then go back to 'Virus & threat protection'
6. Click on 'Manage settings' under Virus & threat protection settings

7. Scroll all the way down to 'add or remove exclusions'

8. Click 'Add an exclusion'
9. Choose 'Process'.
10. Type 'eqgame.exe'
11. Click 'Add an exclusion'
12. Choose 'Folder'.
13. Locate the folder in which EQ is installed.

You'll end up with something looking like:

While this is not perfect as technically a virus specifically targeting eqgame exceptions could be designed, I do not feel that risk is particularly high.

If you have both test and live copies, and also use both, you'll need to add another folder as well.

After this you may need to re-run the EQ updater to download eqgame.exe

Also, I put an annoyed post up on the forums:
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Oct 4, 2019
Note: As of 11/28/2019, Windows Defender updated again and is triggered on EQGame.exe... again. Double check the Virus Total Link below before removing the exception.

Folks, just ran eqgame.exe from Test after the latest Test patch. It's coming back clean. I'd suggest removing the above workaround (until DBG does this again).

VirusTotal Link:

To remove the workaround, go back to 'Manage Settings' under Virus & threat protection settings (Step 6 above). Then go back to Exclusions (Step 7 above). You'll see the two entries you've made before.

Click that upside-down carrot to show the options from each entry:

Then click the remove button for each entry -- Windows will ask for administrative privileges to make this change and you'll need to say yes:


Now you should be Exclusion free and Windows Defender will pick up any nasty viruses that try and take advantage of you, the innocent old EQ player just minding their own business.


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