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Tip - Returning to EQ? Quick start of some new features


New member
Mar 16, 2019
1.) Changes to stats and AAA descriptions:
- If you take a peak at your alternate advancement points you will notice that some are now very precise and what they will increase and by how much with the next rank of that AAA point. No more guessing : )
- With stats, you can now hover over them and it gives a description of exactly what each stat does, ending a lot of random debate such as whether dex increases your dadge chance or your proc chance or your assassination chance etc.
- If you were gone a long long time, they added a mod 2 stats which can be located in the second tab of your inventory, you'll get a list of the secondary stats.
- some stats such as armor class have been broken into two values, splitting up into the direct mitigation that you can have (damage you absorb), as well as the avoidence (how much damage you avoid), the scope of this is beyond discussion here, so I leave it to you to seek more on the subject.
2.) Advanced Loot System
- a lot to learn on this so I leave this link to further explain https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/advanced-loot-system-guide-walkthrough.240437/
3.) Hyperlinked quest chat:
- helps expedite some of the conversation you have with NPC's
4.) A slew of new races and classes
- If you rolled back in to your character and didn't bother to look at what new characters are available, you may want to take a moment and do so. There have been a lot of the significant patches added.
5.) Epic weapon quests were added for each class, although they may not have power, their click effects can still prove very useful, hence can still be worth obtaining. They also have a 1.5 and 2.0 version added
6.)Mount system added to allow players to travel faster than by foot! Also casters can rest while being able to cast while on mounts.
7.) new character models added: these are optional, so you can pick and choose which models you want to use
8.) you no longer need to be in the bazaar to buy and sell items
9.) AA system allows you to adjust where experience is taken from adjusting character level to gaining AA points
10.) Nexus allow you to travel to specific zones through quick travel. Equivalent to taking the bus or the metro in EQ
11.) plane of knowledge has almost every legacy spell and tome available, a great travel system that still usable for today.
12.) armor dye system allow you to get a set of armor that looks the same.
13.) charm slots
14.) Maps!
15.) Augment system for your gear
16.) tribute system
17.) Leadership AA's added to gain experience towards group enhancements like more hp and attack, but now everyone gets that
18.) guild tribute system
19.) task system meant for doing questing was added
20.) title system allows you to add to your name after completing specific achievements
21.) you can make your character say specific things when clicked
22.) Guild hall and guild lobby including a corpse summoner and npc teleporters
23.) spirit shroud system allows you to temporarily lower your level
24.) you can tranfer xp in order to evolve items
25.) ward and auras system gives benefits when being around other specific players
26.) more bank space
27.) new rest system significantly improves health, mana, and endurance restoration
28.) a new inventory slot called a power source was added
29.) heroic stats added
30.) Mercenaries
31.) expansion progression system, which give awards for achievments
32.) Extended target tool is great for pullers
33.) make your own house
34.) earn trophies
35.) revamped hot bar system:
- more button, sliders, more bars, and customization in size and how the buttons are arranged, and you can directly link an item to the hot bar now instead. Instead of whatever bag slot it was in
- You can also use items directly from the bags themselves.
36.) Guild Ranks
37.) you can send items to friend over the mail
38.) slayer achievement system giving the bane strike system
39.) aggro meter
40.) collection system of orbs
50.) all non visible items can be work by all classes now
51.) Gain AA's for mercenaries and add armor to mercenaries
52.) heroic adventures added
53.) increase number of shared bank slots
54.) mount ring added to save inventory and space
55.) illusion ring added
56.) familiar key ring added