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Question - Returning player --- Whats new? MqNext ETC? (1 Viewer)

Jul 14, 2014
As the title says, am a returning player. last played just over a year ago, so am a little confused with all this talk of MqNext and Lau etc.

When I last played i used kissassist and MQ2Berzerker +MQ2Cleric by CWTN/Sic, but now i am seeing i have to migrate to MQNext? do these still work with MQnext?

what is Lau?

What is MQ2Boxr? any good?

Same with RGmercs? what exactly does it do? does it replace kissassist?
TIA for help and advise
Jul 9, 2018
1) MQNext is a replacement for MQ2 written by the RG crew (see contributors on that page - Knightly & others). It has cleaned up code, seems to run more efficiently (e.g. faster) and a controversial bit of software from MQ2 has been replaced.

2) LUA is a programming language way; LUA plugins and macros aren't limited to in-game windows the way the MQ code is or to one macro at a time

3) Most the plugins and macros you probably used before are still working now in Macroquest/MQNext. You no longer need to pay for stuff like MQ2EQWire as there's a new CPU efficiency plugin built into MQNext that fills that function. Go watch Sic's video on it here: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/mq-next-migration-functions-and-features-oh-my.79369/

4) I haven't used it, but MQ2Boxr aims to simplify commands between different plugins with a unified command set.

5) I haven't used it, but RGmercs looks like it aims to be more of an out-of-the-box function for running characters as if they were mercs in your group. Like KA, but less fiddling is my understanding.

And welcome back.
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May 5, 2016
There are a couple of small, yet important changes with MacroQuet vs the old MQ2 as explained > HERE <

Moving to MacroQuest mental notes:
1. mq2map click is Control+Shift+Click
2. new easyfind self travel is Control+Click (reminder in find window title bar)
3. new easyfind group travel is Control+Shift+Click
4. If you selected a destination in your zone guide and want to activate it you /travelto activate
5. /yes and /no are now aliases
6. your ini configuration files (like for kissassist) now reside in your "Config" folder and not your "Macro" folder

yup plugins have been ported over mostly - things like framelimiter replace (with huge benefits) eqwire, and mq2yes is an alias as mentioned above.

lua is a #real programming language you can use for scripting, instead of the homebrew macroscript language - and there are a lot of "freebies" that come with a real language.

mq2boxr just tries to help folks who use a mix-match to automation

rgmercs is an "out of the box" automation suite started from IHC Mercs

welcome back @scotsbiker hope you're well dude
Jul 29, 2019
Welcome back!
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