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Question - Returning old EQ player wanting to start boxed duo on live (1 Viewer)


May 19, 2023
Hi all,
Like most of you I have been playing EQ on and off for many years. I have been playing EMU servers for the past 2 years, but now want to experience some of the later expansions so I am starting a 2-box on live (FV server, my old home). Starting a Bard (main) and Mage. Most recently I played a 6-box on Project Lazarus using MQ2/E3 (I think that's it anyway).

My question is: Is "Very Vanilla" the same as what I am familiar with on Project Laz?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Aug 19, 2020
Welcome back to Live! give the following a look, and it might help mesh the stuff better.

Getting Started / Returning user

Welcome to RedGuides, fellow EQ multi-boxing enthusiast!

The best place to begin is our "New User Guide" video series, click this TV to watch:

This step-by-step series will teach absolute beginners how to control 6 characters at once while highlighting Nav, AutoLogin, and DanNet, which are fundamental plugins that will enhance every aspect of your game.

Returning users check out - MacroQuest Release Party: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/macroquest-release-party.80628/ for information about changes from the legacy MQ2 to the new and awesome MQ
Sep 26, 2021
Welcome to Live!!!

I would say the experience on live could be better as there are things that do not work on emu such as the cwtn plugins, etc. check out the links below

Welcome To The Team GIF by MOODMAN

Always start here RG Video

Watch the vids in Sic's signature (I'm sure he will post soon if he has not done already while I'm typing this) and then mess around with Kissassist Beginners Guide, Kissassist Commands , RGmercs, and especially cwtn plugins ( you can also /testcopy your toons and use the cwtn plugins there for free.).

I suggest getting your feet wet slowly and be patient as it takes time to absorb all this information. Try taking your toons somewhere safe and lower level at first and explore the automation options.

Check out the macros and lua's available as well like buttonmaster, mq2autogroup, mq2autoaccept, mq2status, GuildClicky, and more.

Time to subscribe to level 2 and begin a journey you won't regret. Lots of info and a super helpful community here to help when you get stuck.

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