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Strategy - Research TS (1 Viewer)

Mar 18, 2021
So thanks to you guys im over 300 in TS for everything but Research. Does anyone have any strats for 244+???? or am I just camping various binding powders? Any advice appreciated.



May 5, 2016
Best place you have found intricate binding powder? anyone of the zones listed on eqt better than others in your opinion?
well the theory works for other powders that was just an example, - but bazaar is normally where i snag stuff


WoW was the first MMO
Jul 22, 2018
^^ Do this. the Essences are much easier to farm than the binding powders. Since they introduced the AP and RZ ear, everyone is doing tradeskills and bind powders do not last long in the bazaar (your server may be different). To give you an example, I leveled research on my main char a few years before either of those came out. I just did it for kicks with no real end goal in mind. I was able to go from 0 skill to max trophy in only a few hours of time played. Binding powders were cheap and plentiful on the bazaar at that time. After AP/RZ came out, I went back on my alts to get theres and there were never more than a few binding powders available on bazaar at any one time. Certainly not enough to powerlevel like I had just done a couple year earlier. However, you can take your automated group and go camp a remote corner of some CoTF zone and get Essences to drop at a decent rate. Take a forager along too and have them autoforaging as well.
Dec 23, 2020
Turn on auto forage in the appropriate zone for Ethernere Essence. I believe I used Shard's Landing. You can also get them from Overseer. Both options are alternatives to Bazar for poor folk like me.

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