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Toast - Redguides Community

Feb 27, 2016
I just want to say Thanks to the RedGuides community as a whole. Through the years I've had several issues, mostly my own fault, but I have never run into an issue that multiple people have done their best to walk me through to the best of their abilities. I have 0 computer skills outside of Everquest but I have always felt like the people here have made me a part of the community. Thank you all for the help I have gotten previously and for the help I'm 100% sure to run into again and again...


Apr 14, 2017
Hey Fjorn,

I am in exactly the same boat as you are no doubt! I am learning as it goes, and without this community I for one would be lost. But, mostly its the people here who keep me playing the game, this community is the best. I, picture this community like back in the OG EQ days, would be elite and everyone else be /tell xyz how are you guys doing that?

I too would like to get a shout out too the entire community here! Thanks for all the guidance and help!