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Question - reading crash logs (1 Viewer)

Mar 23, 2019
Ive had tons of crash's lately (last 2 months) and sent tons of crash logs to @eqmule thinking I would get like, hey turn this off! or something. or an update comes. but updates only seem to come with EQ updates and i know for sure its MQ2. nothing happens when its not running. ive done the down the list /mac and i guess if i spent 2 months trying i might narrow it down but, id like to not have to do that. and the idea of killing everything to make MQ2 run better is no different then improving your phones performance by putting it in airplane/battery safer mode. a bit pointless. so is there a way to efficiently read the crash logs? 2 toons, 10 or 20. i get a crash once a day. very random too! doing nothing or killing, doesn't seem to mater. if i could id like to hunt the problem down myself i just don't know where to start.


Jun 28, 2014
DM me your dump files and I'll see what I find. Keep in mind dump files may contain private information, like your character names, your computer profile name, etc.

Without symbols you would have to read through disasm to see the info and it would take a long time.

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