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Guide - Raidboxing 101 (1 Viewer)

If you have been thinking about raidboxing - then this might give you some insight as to the long long journey you are about to undertake.

Many many thanks to the people of RG who make it all possible.


  • RaidBoxing 101.pdf
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Jul 24, 2019
Depends on your gear...

There are 3 raids in Tov that I class as easy. Easy as in simple mechanics.

Griklor - similar to group mission. Drive with your MA - Have folks chasing you. The key is DO NOT MISS THE EMOTES. If you miss emotes, then more and more dervishes spawn, and then you spend more time on dervishes than on Griklor. Save burn till around 30.

Servant of the Sleeper - Ignore mechanics - Kill the Dragon - Kill adds - very simple - just takes a long time.

Restless assault - exactly the same as Group Mission - Just drive with MA, everyone on Chase. Easy but long.
Nov 8, 2017
Thank you Szazor! This helps a lot and i thought id share my excel OCD skills.

I hope this helps people as well. I know some are horrible at computer stuff so here it is in all its glory


  • RG Excel Guide.xlsx
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