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Discussion - Ragefire/Lockjaw (1 Viewer)

Jul 30, 2012
Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've played but I've been getting the itch lately.

I was really wanting to start on either Ragefire/Lockjaw and box a few characters. I really like the next few expansions. Everything I've read online says that Lockjaw is pretty much dead so my best choice would be Ragefire. I was wondering if people are still playing on Ragefire and if it is even worth trying.

Intend on playing WAR/CLR/ENC/WIZ/WIZ if that matters.
Jul 22, 2018
Lockjaw was always going to be the dead server. Their original plans were for a single new TLP server, but they underestimated the demand to play on a brand new TLP. So they decided, at the last minute, to open a 2nd TLP server at the same time in order to reduce long queues just to log in. However, they had already announced the "Ragefire" name so all the guilds and such had already targeted that server as the one to play on. Lockjaw simply caught the overflow of so many people wanting to play Classic again.

The launch was largely a shitshow. Long queues to get in game, overcrowded zones and tons of box armies monopolizing content. Shortly thereafter, and after much moaning from the peasants, DGC had the idea to make a "no multi-boxing" ruleset, and thus was born the Truebox TLP. Phinigel was launched not long after the launch of RF and LJ. Now that it was the "new" TLP, and offered a chance to play classic/kunark/velious again in-era, it siphoned off a large number of players from both servers. This left RF and LJ largely depleted. Since Lockjaw was already the red headed stepchild of the two, it's been on life support ever since.

All that to say, I think you've missed the boat on both. However, Ragefire is the clear choice, if you must be TLP. Like you said, you like the upcoming expansions. TLPs though, become more and more a ghost town the closer they get to live. Many consider PoP/Gates/Omens to be the last expansions worth playing on TLP. Everything after that is stale content.

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