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Question - Questions

Apr 11, 2014
Hello everyone. Coming back to EQ after couple years hiatus. In the past i used mmobugs but decided to give redguides a try. I do have few questions though.

1. Do you have to redo ini files from scratch once a new version of kissassist comes out? For example from 10 to 11, would u have to redo the whole ini for the mac to function correctly?
2. In a 6 box setup, are you better off controlling the tank manually and everyone else on macros? Reason i ask is cause i have always played a bard manually but i'm not sure if having the tank on macro/plugin would be less than ideal?
3. Finally, in the past i used peete's plugins from mmobugs and they were fantastic, much faster than actual macros, are there any equivalent plugins on redguides that people would recommend? Planning on running war, brd, clr, zer, zer, bst/zer.

Thanks everyone!
Dec 26, 2017
1. The old settings mostly work... mostly. It's best to review the settings but out of the gate they will (MOSTLY) work.
2. Personal choice - personally I prefer to play the puller, be it a pulling tank or a pulling bard and let the other toons be handled by KA (or MQ2Berzerker).
3. Not really - others can attest to the speed of current macros (auto_brd is the exception that I still use instead of KA because of how many times it's just worked and saved my bacon).
Jun 12, 2015
1. the change in the ini from kiss10 to kiss11, was an improvement in how conditions are used and stored, if your kiss10 ini do not use conditions, the ini will still work in kiss11.
Personally i would create a new empty kiss11 ini, and copy paste the relevant skills and what not from an older ini, just to ensure i have the most up to date ini.

2. I control my puller/tank half, by letting kiss11 do its business during combat then pausing it and pulling and what not. but its all a preference.

3. there is currently a few macros like ihc mercs and auto macros for different classes, but really only one plugin which is for berserkers, but boy do that thin work. look up mq2berzerker in the resources. it's a paid plugin but you get a years use for 20 bucks, so its not bad.