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Question - Questions from a Noob (1 Viewer)

Sep 2, 2019
Hey folks! Kinda new to the place checking things out. I've watched a few videos here and there, and read the Level 1 forums. But I've got a couple of questions that I couldn't find an answer to (or if I did, it was older maybe)

Question 1: I rather like playing my tank char, but I need some serious help with my boxes cause alt-tab sucks and I'm just too lazy for all of that. With that said, if I decide to check out MQ2....I will have the option to fully control one of my guys while KA or something similar does the rest with my other crew members? I've seen videos with folks having their whole groups automated, but I like to maintain some control :)

Question 2: I main an SK....but I also have a Warrior. I've completed all prog up through EOK and a lot of ROS, some TBL. In order to continue my journey (a lot of friends are gone, so I need my own crew now) through TBL, is a Shaman healer going to get it done, or should I really just go with cleric? I have a 110 shammy, but she's in shit gear and I haven't done much AA work on her. Would take me no time to level a cleric to 110 with my Ranger in FM if that were the better option.

Thanks for the help in advance!
Aug 13, 2018
Yes, you can use KA to operate your other toons, you still have the ability to switch screens and do things manually with them while KA is running them, and you can tweak the "directions" in your settings file to fine tune their responses to various in game actions by mobs and other toons. So to answer your question this allows you do exactly what you're asking in question 1, but alleviates a fair bit of the tedious tabbing back and forth and manually sending commands to those other toons all the time.

I can't answer #2 as I've not got toons in that scenario, but there are some others on the discord channel and in the forums here that can probably give you a clearer answer on that one.
Jul 22, 2018
I run a cleric and a shaman in my main group for parts/mercs, hero missions and hunters. A sub-par geared, low AA shaman will struggle at some point if you're looking to do everything on the group-game side of things while in-era. Gear up and max out AAs and things might be different. I'd still recommend having a cleric, even if it's just to future proof yourself against the next time DGC decides to overtune the difficult on a new expansion.


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Apr 3, 2019
Shaman is fine for tbl so far, but who knows what the velious expansion will bring. I'm happily using a shaman healer so far in tbl, but if I was starting over I'd probably go cleric for max survivability. Also combat rezzing is much better with a cleric.
Mar 24, 2019
Really depends on how geared/aa the rest of your grp is. I have a max AA 110 shaman and he can heal my groups through anything on live servers at the moment, in fact he also pushes some dps and slows. I also have a max aa cleric 110 cleric which I use interchangeably, however helps as extra Xtarget heals when killing raid trash for Type 19 augs

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