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Question - Question about a Bag Quest (1 Viewer)


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Sep 23, 2015
Hey guys just a quick question about a quest I am having a hard time with. So I have done the Courier of Favor quest (which doesn't show up in the Quest Journal btw). And I think I made a mistake by not turning it in BEFORE I logged out for the night. But it's weird because I got my Driver toon the bag but the other 5 couldn't get it. So you have to complete 3 quests to get this bag. The Nonad Brothers, then the Postmasters Challenge and in between the Tax Collection quest in Qeynos. So I looked all 3 up on Allakazam and followed the dialogs and checked each toon after every turn in. And the write ups for Postmaster Challenge said to NOT log out or you would lose everything and have to start over. Well I completed all 3 quests (it took me 5-6 hours sheesh) and was tired so I logged out. I figured if I completed them it would be ok. Went back the next day and did the turn ins and noticed that I wasn't getting the normal responses that I was expecting on the other 5 toons. But was getting the responses from the NPC's for the driver toon and group leader. You have to turn in the Nonad Brothers first, then Postmaster and finally Courier. Did all that and got the bag on the Driver toon, but not for the others. I tried several ways but kept getting the same responses, like I had just hailed them for the first time. So after thinking about it for awhile I remembered what was said about losing it if you log out so I decided to go back to Qeynos and redo the Nonad Brothers Tax Collection quest and try to turn that in. And yes it worked, I could successfully complete The Nonad Brothers quest and get the rewards from it. But when I went to Ayric to turn in the Postmaster Challenge, all he would say is if I wanted to accept the Challenge quest again, like I had never done it. Sigh I have a feeling I know the answer already. I am going to have to do the Challenge quest over again, aren't I? Thanks in advance for any answers.


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