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Problem - Power Source Selection (1 Viewer)

Feb 9, 2017
Just noticed this issue after the last update. Selecting a power source in the ini file different from the current power source you have equipped. Use to say no slot for this item or to that effect and at this time I would just replace the used one with a new one. Now I am not sure if it just dropped them on the ground or deleted them but a bag full of power sources are gone. (the ones I wasn't using but had it set to use them in the ini file). Before it would say something about no slot after reaching 0% and I would replace it with another power source, but it wouldn't do anything with the ones I was suppose to be using. Equipped Enchanted Dragon Scales, ini set to use Translucent Energeian Elemental Orb. But I would always use up the Enchanted Dragon Scales then throw a Translucent Energeian Elemental Orb back in to continue normal replacement operations with the ini file.

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