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Question - Possibly botched my SK 1.0 on last step >_< (skimming will be the death of me) (Not MQ related) (1 Viewer)

Jul 14, 2019
Doing my SK 1.0 quest. Skimming how to get it done. Most of the time I'm semi-AFK just farming for the parts. The quest isn't hard. It's just a time sink with lots of PH cycling. I'm on the very last step and I skim the content again. I kill Lhranc in City of Mist and read the very last line of the guide I had says:

Well, in the past turnins for Marl was his spawn in Tox Forest. So, I gate out and go to Tox forest. The mob is despawned and I read it takes up to 24 hours to respawn. I log in the next day, NPC is back up in Tox Forest. After trying to turn in the Token I realize the err of my ways when I take a moment and read the details of the last step....


I gated out of there without leaving the room so I didn't notice the NPC.

So.....am I back to square 1? Or can I kill ghost Lhranc and get Karl Marx to spawn again to give him the token?
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Nov 3, 2018
I would petition it to the GM, he should be able to reset it.

I know that happened to me with my Shaman Epic, very similar to what you mentioned
Nov 4, 2021
I just started my shaman epic and did the part where you have to sit in the water waiting for 4 npc's to spawn. 2 of them spawned and went through their dialogue, but the 3rd never did, even though I sat around waiting for almost an hour. Luckily I wasn't that far in so just went and got another gem, did the same thing and this time it worked. So still seems to be some bugs with some of the epics. At least its not as bad when they first came out and you would have to start over, some of those camps where rough back in the day.

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