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Problem - POP Flagging - Stuck at Baraguj Szuul (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2021
Waited a few days for Baraguj Szuul to re-pop as the 'fake' version at the top of the tower. As I understand the quest for A Screaming Sphere, I need to attack him and be teleported into his stomach, kill my way through and then be teleported back to kill the real Baraguj so I can get the bag; Mouths of Baraguj Szuul (Weight 4.0, 4-slot Container, Giant, 0% Weight Reduction) needed to combine the 4 Orbs I have in my bags to receive the Key: A Screaming Sphere, which I need to be able to progress on to kill Saryrn.

Have attacked him twice, killed, but no teleport. Submitted ticket but told by GM Doex to report as bug! Not had that response before.

I've done this quest in the past with no problems. Not sure how to proceed. Searched forums and no fix seen/identified.

Aim: to gain access to Saryrn's Tower. So I can kill her and get Flagged for Torment on Antonius - maybe someone could help open the door for me (if so please DM.)

Anyone shed any helpful thoughts please?
Did you accidentally kill the fake one at the top of the tower? You have to be careful with modern DPS that you don't accidently kill him before you're teleported. Best is to just turn backwards and let him just hit you. Don't need to actually attack him at all if I remember right.
I thought the answer the dev gave you in the other forum was pretty good.

"This one is difficult because of how old the content is. To get ported into his stomach you need to remove DS, equip non-dmg weapons, turn around, and sit down. The teleport is an NPC proc."
Solved: Saryrn flag achieved, in a round about way.

Did as suggested, took off all buffs (DS ecp.) and equipped beetle_eyes. Turned my back, sat and after a short time was teleported to tummy. Killed my way through, then killed real Baraguj BUT the bag; Mouths of Baraguj Szuul did not drop!

Went to Locked door at Tower of Saryrn: /tar Named and sent in pet...he can go through door! Backed him off and caused a small train, was summoned at some stage...tada! Rest was easy.
Problem - POP Flagging - Stuck at Baraguj Szuul

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