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Question - Plat farming on fv (1 Viewer)


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Feb 13, 2020
Since being silver and h having to regear my 6 man crew I'm in need of suggestions as to get enough plat to regear my toons. I have gear but it isn't selling and my guys are in no gear to crappy gear. Any tips besides buy Kronos and selling them?
Dec 24, 2021
I used to go to

Feerrott, the Dream​

and get the

Fall of the Tae Ew mission. Run a macro on my tank and run through the zone killing almost everything for gems and vendor trash. I could complete 1 run in about 90 minutes at level 105. Then drop the mission, get another one and repeat. I used it to level toons and make pp. I think it average out to 50k per mission.​


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